Chris Paul Blog Day

On Tuesday, Chris Paul turns 23 years old. And by Tuesday, Kobe Bryant will probably have won his first Most Valuable Player Award. But this day isn’t about griping over MVP trophies or anything like that. Tuesday, May 6th will simply be a celebration of the season Chris Paul has had and what he means to the future of this league.

Whether you’re just a casual NBA fan, a staunch supporter of another team, or even a D-Will advocate (gasp), there’s something for everybody to appreciate in CP3’s game. His work in the community and demeanor on and off the court speaks to all that is right in our league. Which brings me to my point: if you own a blog of any kind, it is our request to you to post something, anything, about CP come Tuesday. Kobe shall have his hardware, LeBron shall have his… Vogue cover, and Dwight shall have his Superman dunk etched in history. My hope is that Chris Paul can simply have a day of blog posts dedicated to his season- arguably the greatest in the history of his position.

If you plan on participating, let us know: atthehive(at)gmail(dot)com.

Blogs signed up already:

With Malice

Hardwood Paroxysm

Gaines Family Blog

Fouled Out

Upside and Motor

Hornets Hype

Hornets 247

48 Minutes of Hell

The Dream Shake

Khandor’s Sports Blog

Swarming the Ball

Brew Hoop

Sports Attitude

Big Easy Buzz: The OFFICIAL Blog of the New Orleans Hornets

Chef Who Dat

Salt and Carbon

Feet in the Paint

TWolves Blog

Hoops Addict


33 Responses

  1. Yup – definitely a player who deserves some appreciation.

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Wow, Tuesday is going to be a field day in Hornets love on the internet! From the beginning of the season where some people predicted MEMPHIS to finish higher than the Hornets to this? Killer job to set this up.

  3. umm a lot of blogs have joined this wow

  4. great! he turns 23 on may 6th, i’ll turn 23 on may 5th.. haha.. never thought his birthday is on the 6th.. well anyway, i’ll try to come up with a cp3 blog.. cheers at the hive..

  5. Good stuff fouledout. You’re a veritable Chris Paul twin (almost). Looking forward to your post, I’ve linked you up 🙂

  6. I’m just wondering at what point in the Spurs-Hornets series does Bruce Bowen get frustrated enough to injure?? My prediction is Game 3, down 44-10 in fast break points. Of course, it will be Chris Paul’s fault again.

  7. @ Jason

    See the Spurs-Hornets game earlier this season? I was at the game, and we all went totally berserk. That was one of the tipping points of inspiration as far as the fans were concerned it seemed like every game after that the fans were fired up no matter who we played. Bowen is plain and simple a dirty dirty player.

  8. I watched the replay on youtube and caught the Spurs announcers, they absolutely, 100% were SHOCKED that Chris Paul’s chest would get in the way of poor, innocent Bowen’s knee.

  9. Terrific idea atthehive!! Does anyone know when the mvp is announced anyways? Last year it was announced on April 27th in the second round (lol, dirk…) so I think it will be announced on Sunday this time… or Saturday. If they announce Saturday, you know who won!

  10. Wow just wtached the vid of the Bruce Bowen knee and the announcers are so stupid! Thank god Bowen finally got suspended after years of injuring people.

  11. Atthehive, you rock.

  12. @ atthehive
    me..? chris paul twin..? haha.. i wish..!

  13. yeah you do wish

  14. Yeah! I don’t wanna shound like a queer or nothin’ (Orgazmo, anyone?) but CP3 makes my trousers crease.
    I’m just a dumb-ass bogan from Down Under (‘bogan’ is Australian for ‘hick’) who only gets to listen to games, but damn this Hornets organisation impresses me at every turn. and CP3 is the most incredible leader of any sports team I have ever witnessed. My totally random and non-sport-related blog rant will be all CP3 on the 6th, about the swell of awesome I felt watching his game in honour of his Grandad. That was S-P-E-C-I-A-L.
    Nice work all round atthehive. Keep on it.

  15. Just read on the ESPN “ticker” L..A. Times already leaking the story Kobe Bryant will be named MVP. Makes me angry but what are you going to do? Voters are fascinated with the fact Bryant “came back” this season from trashing his teammates and organization all during the summer. Kind of forgetting what that was all about…like he had a disease or an injury. Hey, if you want to give Kobe an award for doing his job after trying to get traded, so be it. But not the MVP…that’s CP3!

  16. @ mW,

    Thank you, thank you.

    @ fouledout,

    Who knows, maybe the Hornets will sign you to a $100 million contract next year..

    @ saltandcarbon

    Didn’t know CP had fans all the way in Australia! Yeah, there was a season when I could only hear the Hornets on radio too… but I love Sean Kelly and Gerry Vallencourt (er, I probably spelled that wrong). Thanks for the praise and thanks for signing up!

    @ Sportsattitude,

    Sigh… yeah… I just don’t think enough people understand what exactly Chris Paul accomplished this year. It wasn’t a season on the level of Steve Nash’s MVP years (like everyone keeps saying it was), it was far, far better by every measure imaginable.

    That’s the nature of the game though, scoring stands out in fans minds and passing doesn’t. Kobe had a good season, and props to him for his first MVP.

    And it looks like I’m going to have to read these comments way more often so I can avoid writing novels as responses 🙂

  17. is doing it?

  18. Yes, Bender, Jim Eichenhofer will be contributing.

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  20. chris paul and the hornets will sweep the spurs???right??

  21. Haha, I hope!

  22. @ atthehive
    well if the hornets will pay me a hundred million dollars to sit on the bench, sure i’d take it! haha!

  23. Count Hoops Addict in! I’ll send you an email with the link tomorrow when I have my CP3/Ric Flair post up.

  24. […] Paul turns 23 on May 6th.  In his honor, many fellow bloggers are posting their thoughts on his talent.  Please take a few minutes and read their efforts, honoring a man for all seasons…especially […]

  25. Good stuff. Ric Flair? Oh, this is gonna be awesome.

  26. Man, how do I sign??

  27. Doh, sorry.

  28. […] 7, 2008 This entry is my contribution to the Chris Paul Blog Day. I was supposed to write something about Chris Paul, but I just can’t find time to do it. […]

  29. hey man! i know i’m late, but here’s my contribution:


  30. Thanks for the contribution, fouledout.

  31. CHRiS iS TH3 B3ST 3V3R

  32. […] year come round, promise me you’ll take the time to think about it. In the meantime go celebrate Chris Paul Blog Day, and Happy Birthday to CP3 for yesterday! (today in the […]

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