Hive Drive ~ Game 4

Pretty lame, now all my predictions have come to naught. The series is tied 2-2, and all of a sudden there is a pretty big chance that we might actually lose. The defending champs definitely did not play like this in New Orleans, let’s hope that doesn’t change for Game 5. Still, one good thing about this game, it keeps the streak going, every team wins at home, meaning the Hornets get the series in 7. But anyways, onto the actual game:

1) The Spurs were fantastic, it kills me to actually say that. Expect atthehive to tell you to “tip your hat to them” (like he does every time we lose a game), because Tim and Tony were consistent throughout the game with their shooting and that’s what kept the lead going. That and the Hornets struggling to shoot. But, some credit is deserved by Duncan, who had 22 points, 15 rebounds, and 4 blocks. Compared to the first two games, he’s picked it up pretty well (perhaps it had something to do with his fever, but I’m saying it was the Hornets’ defense). One of Coach Scott’s key points was keeping T-Park out of the paint, well, he got there every time and hit almost every layup; he finished with 21. Obviously something needs to be done defensively on Parker driving to the hoop. Ginobli wasn’t great, but he somehow finished with 15 points.

2) The decisive third quarter struck again, for the Spurs, who outscored New Orleans 30-19 in the period. The Hornets were down 13 at halftime, an amount they could have come out of. Unfortunately, the Spurs of San Antonio stayed hot the whole time, and the Hornets shooting started getting worse. The Spurs got up 20 and stayed there pretty much for the rest of the game. That became a huge hole to climb out of, especially when Timothy and the Spurs stayed consistent in putting points up.

3) Chris Paul was on fire in the first half, partially, too, in the second; he absolutely could not be stopped. He had 14 points before the break, and 9 after; he certainly did his job, but only got 5 dimes to go with his points. Obviously the major reason had to be the otherwise-hot David West, who shot a pretty pathetic 4-15 from the field. Fluffy was certainly pissed throughout the game, he was pretty angry and aggressive to the hoop. Hopefully the 17-foot assassin can bounce back in New Orleans, we’ll certainly need him to do well in order to get a win. Tyson got in bad foul trouble early in the fourth, but at that point I think we had already lost. He had just 4 rebounds, perhaps a reason why the Hornets were out rebounded 45-36.

4) I don’t know what to put here, so I’ll say Ime Udoka was pretty solid today, finishing with 15 points. I’ve always liked his name because I thought it was pronounced I’m Udoka. Unfortunately it’s pronounced ˈiːmeɪ juːˈdoʊkə, (or Ee-May Udoka for all you people who don’t memorize dicionary pronunciation keys), which obviously is not as cool. Lame.

Hopefully the Hornets will win again in the Big Easy, that’s a big game right there. We will have to wait and see if the two teams continue their home court dominance, which we all hope does happen. My prediction? At this point, following the oh-so obvious trends we’re seeing, Hornets in 7.

Look below for atthehive’s patented “Hive Five” style recap.


2 Responses

  1. I think Byron has to be careful about second guessing himself and just implement the exact plans they used in Games 1 and 2, and look for the players to execute.


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