Chris Paul Blog Day!

Welcome, everybody, to Chris Paul Blog Day! Stay tuned all day (and night probably) to read great insights from some of the best bloggers on the web. I’ll be linking, and providing a small summary of what each article is about. If you didn’t sign up before, feel free to link any work you may have done in the comments. I’ll surely give it a read and link to it. Still not sure what’s going on? Check the announcement page. Many congratulations to Kobe Bryant for his first MVP, but this is Chris Paul Blog Day!


Sports Attitude kicks off the festivities with the first Chris Paul post of CP3 day, not only talking about Chris’ accomplishments, but also offering constructive criticism of how the MVP is voted on.

With Malice takes advantage of the time difference from here to Japan to get in the first of what will be three posts. Behold Radioactive Chris Paul!

Ironically enough, Kobe will earn his first MVP later on during CP Day. TWolves Blog expounds on why this shouldn’t be the case.

With Malice strikes again, this time via a guest blogger from ‘Five Tool Tool’. He explores how CP’s different from other short guards of our generation.

Hoops Addict put up a great piece last month on CP and the MVP race. Today, they talk about his desire to go beyond individual accomplishments.

Finishing up a terrific trio of posts, With Malice says Paul’s season is merely the tip of the iceberg. Chris Paul Blog Day might just be getting underway here, but they’ve already celebrated the hell out of it in Japan.

What makes a point guard truly great? Khandor’s Sports Blog has your answer(s).

“It’s hard to realize, on a game by game basis, when you’re used to seeing it, that what you’re watching is the future unfolding,” says Hornets Hype. I couldn’t put it better than that.

You know how everyone keeps calling CP3 the second coming of Isiah? Upside and Motor convincingly argues that not only do they have the wrong guard pegged, they’re looking at the wrong sport altogether. Paul’s most parallel star doesn’t even play basketball.

Gaines Family Blog makes, uhh, a more eccentric comparison

He might be 6’0″ on a good day and the smallest player on the court, but Chris Paul will not back down even if you’re Superman. Hornets247 attests to that.

This one isn’t an “official” CP Blog Day article, but it’s a piece about him nonetheless. Don’t let the face fool you, #3 is one guy you don’t want to mess with.

It’s always great to see fans acknowledge opposing players around the league. That’s why this post by 48 Minutes of Hell is so refreshing- it comes from a Spurs’ fan. Much kudos to him, and good luck to San Antonio as the series movies forward.

This was published yesterday at the FanHouse, hat-tip to Hornets Hype for the link: Chris Paul could one day be the greatest of all time.

Huge news: Tyson Chandler contributes to Chris Paul Blog Day! Today is the big man’s daughter’s birthday, so happy birthday to her as well. Check it out! In case you can’t tell, I’m really pumped! Yeah! Wooo! Thanks for your contribution, Tyson.

Sportsology 101 chimes in and looks back at a post they did a few weeks back.

So far (other than the Tyson post) we’ve seen only the on court persona of CP3. rectifies the problem; Jim Eichenhofer talks about Paul as a teammate and his experience working for the Hornets.

So far we’ve had a T’Wolves blog, and a Spurs blog contribute; now here’s the Suns blog ‘Bright Side of the Sun’ with some photoshop wizardry.

The Sports Beat upgrades the day from “CP Blog Day” to ChrisPaulaThon’08. Honestly, I kinda like it.

First, Tyson Chandler, then, now Ted Bauer contributes to CP3 Day by producing a torrent of video links. Thanks Ted!

Another ESPN contributor, Alejandro de los Rios, details how he went from hating CP to getting to know him on a personal level. Definitely a great read on Blog of New Orleans.

Hardwood Paroxysm does a Photoshop accompanied by a (pretty funny) article. Add “Warrior Paul” to the list of Photoshops for the day, we’ve already had “Radioactive Paul” and “Phoenix Paul.”

On John Schuhmann talks about his own experience with Chris Paul and the humility CP has off the court.

Chef Who Dat writes a message to Kobe Bryant. And rocks a mustard seed yellow, Italian-crafted, double-breasted suit.

Statistics don’t tell the whole story, according to Feet in the Paint.

Fouled Out has a nice collection of Chris Paul videos.

A Kobe Bryant Blog comments that the timing of the day is off (I didn’t know the MVP would be announced on CP’s birthday) but offers a great article about CP3.

The Dream Shake Rockets Blog reflects on a tough season and thanks Chris Paul for keeping the playoffs watchable.

A Brazil based blog normally in Portuguese takes the effort to wish CP3 a Happy Birthday (in English). Feliz aniversário!

It’s not what he’s done, it’s how he’s done it says mW of Hornets Hype. Catch HH’s second post here.

We Rite Goode provides a simple test to see if you’re Chris Paul’s superior… or if you’re Deshawn Stevenson’s inferior.

A letter to Chris Paul from Toronto guard T.J. Ford via Raptors Blog ‘Jamario Moon HQ.’


29 Responses

  1. Awesome… I’m excited to read the posts throughout the day.

    Well done!

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  3. […] for Chris Paul Blog Day (crossposted from In . To read the roundup of the rest, roll on over to At the Hive.First off, I’d like to send out a big “Happy Birthday!” to Chris Paul, who turns 23 today. […]

  4. Man, Tyson’s contribution was fantastic. Great story.

    I love this team.

  5. Rohan,
    Sorry for being late on Chris Paul Blog Day. I just put something up on that you might enjoy (check it out quick, as it could get taken down. Did I mention the “forces of boguesness” – as my editor calls them – have restricted me to one Hornets post a day? I know. Lame.)

  6. […] and, accordingly, local blogs are marking the event with Chris Paul blog day (read the roundup here). Though this isn’t technically a Hornets blog and I’m not technically a blogger (I […]

  7. Thanks Alejandro. Great post, I’ve linked it up. Sucks about the post restriction…

  8. Man, some great contributions today. Good job again on putting the whole thing together and congrats on all the response (Tyson…that’s pretty damn cool).

  9. […] On the other hand, however, if Pop keeps overplaying Tony Parker and inserting Mr. Udoka into the game when he shouldn’t be (e.g. vs West or Peja or Wells) … the Spurs quest for back-to-back championships will be over quicker than you can say, Happy Chris Paul Blog Day. […]

  10. […] May 6, 2008 in basketball Happy birthday, CP3.  Rohan with At the Hive has the full set of articles here. […]

  11. Just sent you an email. Let me in, will you? =)

  12. Great post. I’m kinda upset I wasn’t invited for this, I would’ve loved to praise the young man. Keep me informed on future events such as this.

  13. Hey Lakers Blog, if you’ve got time to write an article, we’d love to link to you. Some bloggers are doing their posts tomorrow, so that could be a great option as well. Also sorry, tried to invite as many people as possible but couldn’t get everybody : [

  14. Happy Birthday CP3. I hope you blow out the candles they way you blow out the Spurs. Have a good one.

  15. hey man! i know i’m late, but here’s my contribution:


  16. Thanks for the contribution, fouledout.

  17. someone needs a .mp3 file of the commentator saying WOooo!

  18. Chris Paul’s game is a combination of Rod Strictland’s upright penetration skillls, Isiah Thomas’ creativity and tenacity when it counts, and last but certainly not least…he has Magic Johnson-like ability to see where his players are going to be before they get there.

    Three great players all roled into one!

    I haven’t seen this type of basekball IQ since when Michael Jordan last played. This is what fans were used to seeing in NBA players up until say, 1996 when a rash of individual ball-hogs came out of highschool and out of college only showing interest in personal stats in the hopes of someday landing that big contract. And to make things worse, once these so called stars finally did sign the big contract (Star-bury), by then they were too full of themselves to actually commit to any type of team concept–similar to what we’ve been enjoying with the New Orleans Hornets.

    Chris Paul is a rare player who seems to always put the teams best interests before any personal achievements; and the reason that he made the Mavericks, and is currently making the Spurs look sluggish and old on the court is because he’s actually thinking while his opponents are simply going through the motions on offense and unfortunately reacting to what ever Chris decides to do them on defense.

  19. You make a good point about Strickland, rhasta. You’re right, now that I think about it, it seems like many PG’s (Tony Parker for example) bend forward on their drives to the hoop. That probably lets you move quicker, and makes you less likely to get stripped. But importantly, it limits your vision and limits where you can pass the ball to.

    CP goes in bent forward once in a while, but for the most part he’s very upright. Some cases even backwards looking which usually leads to the short fallaway floater.

  20. In honor of CP3 day..

    CP3 is an amazing point guard and I hate him. I hate him in the same way that I hate Lebron James. I hate them because, despite the fact that they’re challengers regarded by many to be just as good or better than my beloved Lakers (read, Kobe), I MUST watch these players when they take the court. I hate them, but love what they do and how they play the game. Some people say they would never take Kobe on their team because they don’t like him at all. And that is a horrible mindset. I am not a CP3 fan…but having him as a PG on my team is a fantasy that I love to imagine. I can only hope (again, in spite of myself) that Chris Paul will be around for a long time to come, and that I will have the privelege of rooting against him and his amazing antics for years to come. Thank you, Chris Paul, for everything. Happy CP3 day.


  21. Agree with happydaze. as much as i hate paul and bood him whenever i saw him (went to both horns game at staples) i still felt amazed by him. every time down the court i knew he was going to find peja again for three (in the first game) and hated that it kept happening but i kept wanting to see HOW hed find him the next time. happy birthday chris paul, but lakers WILL beat you in the conference finals!


  22. Dream on, suckah. Hornets to the finals.

  23. hey atthehive, is owned by you?

  24. hey man! just wanna congratulate you for the success of chris paul blog day! cheers!

  25. Yup, good job.

  26. […] blog is on one of the best point guard in the NBA today. His name is Chris Paul. In Madison Square Garden was drafted # 5 overall. Ever since the draft day him and his coach […]

  27. i m your bigist fan

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