A quick round-up of who’s picking whom:




David Thorpe


Scouts Inc.

Marc Stein


Stan McNeal


Sporting News

Tim Legler


Stephen Ilardi


U of K, inventor of +/-

J.A. Adande


Mike Kurylo


Knicker Blogger

Chad Ford


Jeffrey Ma


Pro Trade

Marty Burns


Sports Illustrated

Chris Sheridan


Henry Abbott


True Hoop

John Hollinger


Justin Kubatko


Basketball Reference

Kelly Dwyer


Ball Don’t Lie

Kevin Pelton


Sonics Central

J.E. Skeets


Ball Don’t Lie


3 Responses

  1. haha hack-a-tyson totally backfired. and why do the TNT people keep making fun of Hugo, I mean it wasnt even his fault. I bet if the spurs lose they’ll somehow blame it on the court and the break.

  2. Don’t forget Henry Abbott’s mom picked the Hornets in 6!

  3. Have these people making predictions ever seen a Hornets game?

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