FANtastic FANale

It’s finally here! The last home game of the season! The Hornets take on the Clippers tonight in the final regular season game in the Big Easy. I did a brief interview with the fantastic Clipper Blog “Clipper Blog.” (Redefines innovation, I know). But it is a great blog, nevertheless; if you’re at all interested in the Clippers or how their future looks, go check it out.

The real story tonight, of course, is of ticktock6 and mW over at HornetsHype. That girl and lad won an opportunity to meet a chap by the name of “Chris Paul” and sit courtside (!!!) due to this fantastic CP34MVP video. I can’t wait till they write about that experience.

Meanwhile, Elton Brand has quietly made his return to the Clips. Therein lies something that really puzzles me. Why does a guy like Gilbert Arenas get so much publicity for attempting a comeback, that some say was too early, to a decent playoff team while Elton Brand returns, having waited patiently, to a lottery team in its final games only to receive no adulation? Makes no sense. Anyway, here are the questions. Thanks again to Clipper Blog.

At the Hive: What does the Corey Maggette situation look like? Does he have a future with this Clippers squad, or will he be leaving this offseason?

Clipper Blog: Given the emergence of Al Thornton at the small forward and the Clippers’ glaring needs in the backcourt, I think it’s likely that the Clips will spend their money elsewhere.

At the Hive: I managed to catch a couple Clippers games this last week, and I must say Elton Brand looks very impressive. Is it just me or has he lost a lot of weight and gained a lot of his quickness since his injury? Have you noticed anything new about his game since his return?

Clipper Blog: He still looks a little rusty to me, but my standard for Elton will forever be spring 2006, when he and Sam Cassell were operating the two-man game to perfection.  He still doesn’t have 100% elevation on his jump shot, but overall I’m pleased that he’s as far along as he is.

At the Hive: Finally, who would you pick if you had the first overall pick in this year’s lottery? Rose would fill a point guard need, any team could use Beasley, and Mayo’s the hometown guy- which one fits best?

Clipper Blog: Derrick Rose has size, speed, strength, springs, smarts…and also happens to be one of the best on-ball defenders in the nation.  If the Clippers were presented with that choice and didn’t opt for Rose, they’d deserve a lifetime of Smush Parker.


3 Responses

  1. I’m going to hopefully take tons of pictures!

  2. I was gonna say Ticktock…. remember your dam camera this time…. this needs to be well-documented. And by the way, you do know this is Karma rewarding you for having to get up so damn early that morning we all went to the airport. I cannot think of anyone more deserving than you and Mike.

  3. If CP doesn’t play well after meeting us and seeing our video, then I don’t know what will inspire him!

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