Mikey, look what you’ve gone and made me do… I just couldn’t resist.


10 Responses

  1. I didn’t notice while I was making it… but the title of that there book is oddly fitting.

  2. Master Splinter would be proud.

  3. I don’t get it. It’s just a picture of Donatel….

    Ahhhhh! Bonzi’s head is photoshopped in there. If not for the different skin color, I never would have noticed.

    BTW, the fistfuls of cash work well for Bonzi’s impending free agency.

  4. Hahahaha this is hilarious!!!

  5. Okay good, I thought I was crazy being the only person to think Bonzi was a ninja turtle. You should make one with all four turtles, Paul Peja and David also maybe.

  6. … and Tyson can be Master Splinter!

  7. @CP3: As Ron alluded to, this was supposed to be a sophisticated commentary on the state of modern free agency, not created for trivial purposes, but instead masquerading as a childish rendition of an MS Paint-drawn headband wearing 31 year old man named Gawen in a turtle suit as a means of socio-analysis. Sheesh.

  8. Chris Andersen has GOT to be the Rat King!

  9. “The guide for the evil genius.”

    Hahaaaa. Perfect.

  10. “Chris Andersen has GOT to be the Rat King!”


    So then is Brittany playing the part of April O’Neill?

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