The Hive Five: Game Seventy-Four

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In all honesty, you gotta feel a bit sorry for the Heat.


Where’s Stan Van Gundy when you need him?

This game started about as perfect as you could ask. We saw the early 14-2 lead, guys hustling on defense, easy shots scored on offense, and systemic dismantling of a D-League squad. I’m feeling lazy, and this game doesn’t warrant much comment anyways, so I’ll just jump straight to random notes: I watched the Heat television broadcast of this one, and they did a really nice job of documenting the Hornets’ and Heats’ past. The Hornet franchise has done more business with Miami than probably any other in its history. It was nice seeing the Anthony Mason feature, and the Pat Riley-Byron Scott connection’s also pretty cool. Rasual Butler’s last team was the Heat, and Mike James broke into the league with that franchise. On a related note, two former Hornets go at it tonight in Dallas- Baron Davis and Eddie Jones.























1. Shooting () I didn’t like the closeouts on threes at times, but I can’t complain. Our guys took and made high percentage shots. If you do that against a team like Miami, you’ll win every time.   

2. Turnovers () We became the first team to ever have a turnover less half against the Heat. And while things sort of fell apart in the third quarter, the starters only turned it over 3 times. Also apparent was why the Heat don’t run the offense through Ricky Davis. The former Hornet had as many turnovers as shot attempts (5).

3. Offensive Rebounding () Back to back nights of solid rebounding. Anyone else find it hilarious that we smash Orlando on the boards, and then do only half as good a job against Miami? Makes you appreciate that Magic game a whole lot more…

4. Free Throws () Decent job in the FT/FG category. Pargo’s defense on Blake Ahearn midway through the 2nd was cause for concern, when he was whistled for a foul (all legit calls) on three straight possessions. For about half of this season, I thought Pargo was our best on the ball-defending guard (yeah, better than Paul), but he seems to have lost a step of late. Mike James did get some burn tonight, so maybe he can help spell Pargo if tiredness is the issue.

5. Pace (88) All 200 fans in attendance got to witness a stomping courtesy of New O. I’m assuming they get to witness a stomping by the visiting team every game, so this shouldn’t have come as something new. The Hornets had this game through and through, and that Miami run in the second half really wasn’t much of a scare. Sorry for the lame recap… but that’s what a game as lame as this one gets.

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  1. It occurs to me that with the NBA dance team bracket again proving how popular the Miami Heat Dancers are, Riles should consider putting each of them on the roster, in their cheerleading attire. Sure, they’d get fined for uniform violations, but do you think the refs would make them change or wait for the league to fine them? Further, this would free up Riles to catch all the college games he wants and not worrying about coaching. And of course, it would have absolutely no impact on the ultimate outcome of the games. Probably the only complaints would come from the opposing team’s players’ wives regarding the “close, physical” defense employed to secure the victory.

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