The Hive Five: Game Seventy-Two

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50 wins! We’ve reached the number for the first time since 97-98, and it’s well deserved.


No! Current teammates only!

Ridiculous offense efficiency, bad defensive efficiency. That pretty much sums up the night. Every starter save Peterson and Wright (who only took one look) shot better than 50% from the floor, highlighted by Peja’s 9-13, and West’s 13-21. Peja’s now three trifectas away from hitting the 200 mark for the second time in his career, quite an impressive turnaround from last year. And you just can’t say enough about David West- he thoroughly outplayed Chris Bosh on offense (and in some regards, on defense) and was unguardable. The thing I liked most was he dropped the hesitation he showed against Cleveland and Boston. When the 20 footer was there, he took it. When the Rasho was on him, he crossed him up immediately. No thinking, just flat out reacting, and that really helped his game. The guy’s talented enough to go into either of those moves without pondering it, and this game should really build his confidence down the stretch. Another two things I loved offensively today: Tyson Chandler’s back to basket game, and Bonzi Well’s fallaway. If you’ve been reading the blog lately, I’ve maligned Wells for taking that fallaway shot so much, because it pretty much never drops. He’s seemed to have made some sort of adjustement now where he puts a lot more arc on that particular shot, and he knocked it down a couple times. Needless to say, that’s really encouraging. Second, I liked Tyson Chandler putting up his paint shot while moving across the lane, left to right. Normally, he sets his feet, allowing his defender to get all over him and the shot. This “new” shot on the move gives him far more room, and it’s eerily reminiscent of Vlade Divac’s patented move. If Chandler can perfect the shot, he’d have something non-Chris Paul lob related to contribute.























1. Shooting () Everything was clicking, everything was falling. Which is a good thing, considering how poorly we rebounded. I thought we did a decent job defending the three. And TC was a model of efficiency, going 8 for 9.  

2. Turnovers () Over the last 10 games, Chris Paul has 138 assists, and 23 turnovers. Over the last five he has 67, and 7. In other words, the greatest season in the history of the point guard position is only getting better.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Aargh, this is officially a problem. Rebounding poorly against Cleveland is reasonable- they’ve got Varejao and Ilgauskus. Boston, ditto, with the Kid. Indiana, eh, whatever, they’ve got Foster and Harrison. But getting out OREB’d by the fourth worst OREB team in the league? I really don’t know what’s going on. DX didn’t have an OREB, Peterson didn’t have a board, even though Chandler pulled in his customary 4 OREB/10 REB. If I had to guess, I’d say having Wells/Wright out there instead of Ely/Bowen has something to do with the numbers. Even still, this isn’t a good sign heading forward.

4. Free Throws () In a meeting between the two least foul-prone teams in the league, this is exactly what you’d expect. A total of just 25 fouls were whistled (this after New Orleans had 21 fouls and Boston had 24 the other night). Toronto was impeccable from the stripe when it got there (12-14) and we weren’t too shabby either.

5. Pace (90) This game had a very nice flow to it, due to all the shots going in, and the lack of fouls. Which also makes it the exact opposite of what I’m expecting in the West playoffs, which should be very physical and marked with great eFG% defense. I don’t think Byron Scott or any of the guys will be overly “excited” by this win- they did what they had to do, in taking care of a .500 Eastern Conference team. I saved this for last, but it was enjoyable watching Mo-Pete making his Toronto return. He wasn’t particularly impressive from an offensive standpoint, but he did take more than 7 attempts for just the second time since February 2nd… which is a really long time. The play where Bosh (accidentally) knocked him down was amusing to say the least; the reception he got from the crowd pre-game was indeed very rousing. So rousing in fact that he decided to bust out AI’s Philly return move by kissing the court. The Toronto fans really were classy. Staying on that subject, their (TSN) commentators were also refreshingly awesome. Having listened to the horrific analysis of Indiana, then Cleveland, and then Boston commentators, it was really nice to hear these guys. They gave credit where credit was due, kept an open mind to all calls- against them or not- and in general didn’t let a team bias (which you have to expect) ruin the broadcast. I have to say these guys were some of my favorites; if there’s Toronto fans reading, you guys are real lucky.

WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

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3 Responses

  1. Amazing game through 3. Scary game in the 4th. That said, I think when you let up 19 and 12 to Bosh and Rasho in one half and 2 and 2 in the second, you’re looking good. CP, DX, and Peja were firing on all four cylinders, and despite their late lapse, the Hornets proved that they’re one of the premier teams in the league.

  2. Great breakdown.

    You might hear some dissenting views on our announcers, though. Chuck Swirsky is considered to be quite the homer in these parts and it was really apparent when he made an aboutface with respect to Vince when he left. While here, Vince was “the man” right up until the end. Then, as a Net, he was always “lazy” and “let his team down”. That started the hate-on and it continues to this day.

    That said, it sometimes takes a new set of ears to make us appreciate what we have. Myself, I still loathe him, but listening to other broadcasts around the league, I admit he isn’t as bad as some.

  3. Heh, thanks for the input altRaps (and mW, of course). Yeah, I actually just went and saw some highlights of Swirsky saying crazy things. Yeah, I totally agree with you about having to step back a little to understand your own commentators… I used to love our own guys, until one day it dawned on me that they pretty much screamed every time we made a three. That’s gotta be annoying for opponents and is the same thing I probably find “bad” in another commentator.

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