The Hive Five: Game Seventy

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Lebron, you should be called Mario, cause you just got one-upped.

Ahhhh! Craziest finish this in a long, long time; my heart is still pounding. That was so awesome ESPN interrupted Boston-Phoenix just to show the final two minutes. If this is David West’s worst game of the road trip (it was his worst since his return), I’ll be more than happy to live with it. Every single play in the last minutes was more epic than the last- Peja drills the cold-blooded three, Z hits the falling out of bounds jumper, Paul hits the fade over LBJ, LBJ drives right through five defenders, and then West hits the game-winner. And I have to admit, I was really scared down the stretch- the Cavs looked far more energetic than us. The one thing I didn’t like about West tonight was how hesitant he was. Every time he was wide open from 18 feet, he would fake, drive in, abort, and then take a fallaway 16 footer. Also, the Cavs did as good a job guarding West’s back-to-the-basket game as anyone we’ve seen this year. In continuing with yesterday’s trend of retarded opposing color commentators, FSN Ohio’s guy called West “Doug West” at least 3 times. Also, Ohio television has the weirdest ads I’ve seen- “Serious lawyers for serious injuries” and are tough to beat. Anderson Varejao is just a beast all over the floor; minus him, the Hornets would’ve romped. Stojakovic’s performance can’t be understated. We got crushed 56-30 in the paint, and 48-33 on the boards, so I’m just happy to get out of Cleveland with a win. Oh, and that Chris Paul guy had 20 assists.






















1. Shooting () Considering how bad DX and CP were from the floor, the fact we shot 50.6 eFG% is quite remarkable. Mostly, it was due to Peja and Pargo’s 9 combined triples. I feel bad for Pargo that he alligator-armed that potential game clinching triple, especially since he and Damon Jones were trash talking all through the stretch. No better way to win a trash talk contest than to hit a dagger long bomb. It looks like Byron Scott had the confidence to go to West on a really bad shooting night, but I’m not sure that wasn’t a busted play Paul saved.

2. Turnovers () CP’s only turnover was on that jump ball. I thought Cleveland did a really great job on their traps of him, but his stat line just never seems to change, does it? I mentioned David West’s hesitation, and that certainly contributed to his 3 turnovers. On the other end, Delonte West and Z were horrible, losing it 9 times combined.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Third straight game we’ve been crushed on the boards. This is something we have to fix to win in Boston. Not one, but two of their guys had 15 boards with Varejao pulling down 7 O-boards and Ilgauskus 6. Chandler was active, but West was limited all night by Anderson. I thought Bonzi was surprisingly unaggressive on the offensive glass, a little bit odd to see.

4. Free Throws () LeBron got to the line 10 times, but we did an excellent job at the stripe ourselves. Every starter but Mo-Pete went at least 3 times. And we missed just 3 times on 22 attempts. I love that so many people knock Peja down after threes. Don’t they know he’ll be 3 of 3 at the stripe?

5. Pace (84) Fantastic control of the pace. As I mentioned yesterday, Indiana established their own tempo for much of the game, but the Cavaliers couldn’t do the same. CP and TC had to have some sort of record for most alley-oops in a minute early in that first quarter. The defensive strategy for Cleveland seemed to be some type of cross between a full trap on Paul and falling back to cover the shooters, which left a lot of guys to cut easily. In fact, I’m pretty sure that first quarter was the worst defense (excluding Seattle, of course) of the CP alley oop pass I’ve seen this year. It looked like they’d never seen it happen on tape, which is inexcusable. For the second time in two meetings, we made LeBron a non-factor until the stretch, and he seemed satisfied not to force the issue for three quarters. Which makes that final layup he made so mind-boggling; when he can do that pretty much at will, why does he did he wait until the last minute of a close game to finally drive that hard? Peja was beat off the dribble very frequently. I wouldn’t be able to finish this recap without mentioning Big Z- without him, this would’ve been a done deal after a half. We’re now 2-0 on the road trip, but the hardest game looms ahead in Boston. Lastly, I really hope this game opened many people’s eyes regarding CP3. There is no other player in the league that can dominate a game like Paul did tonight, whilst shooting 5-17. Nobody.

WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

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5 Responses

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  2. What a finish. Hopefully this is the kind of win that all the doubters will respect. Led most of the game, gave it up at the end. And still had the stones and will to pull out a victory.

  3. Yup. I think the back-to-back kind of go to them down the stretch, but they recovered nicely. Now, let’s make it two in a row against Boston!

  4. 17-ft assassin strikes again!

    wow your recap came up pretty quickly.

  5. I wonder what would have happened if David West had made an 18 footer instead… heh.

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