Hive Drive 3/26

First of all, now that the Hornets are the best team in the West, and arguably in the league, I’d like to clear up the fact that I was/am/will always be a Hornets fan. Whaddya know, I post at a Hornets blog.

1) Rafer Alston…poor misguided child. Everyone knows David West is a certified 17-foot assassin, well a not very accurate nickname because A) he is not 17 feet tall, and B) his range extends beyond that, too. But it works, because he is an All-Star, and all All-Stars need some kind of flashy nickname. David West is once again proving why he was an All-Star, just look at his numbers. Honestly, no other power forward is as athletic, no other power forward can get to the hoop or calmly swish a 17-footer. With the X-Factor on duty, the Hornets really have so many more scoring options, stemming from David West’s offensive ability. That game on ABC against the Pistons would have been a lot more in the Hornets favor if D-West was on the floor. I’m sure no other players will question him or his abilities now, Rafer set a pretty good example.

2) Chris Paul, well, recently even more he’s been playing awesome and it just kinda slides past. We’re just accepting 31 points and 20 assists games as normal, that’s how good Chris is. Honestly, if he does not win MVP…

3) It might just be me, but is Byron Scott’s rotation method going a little weird? Only nine players played against Cleveland; nice to see JuJu and the Birdman getting their seven minutes. Honestly, now that the Hornets are strengthening the bench, shouldn’t CP3, The 17-foot Assassin (see that’s why I don’t like it, it takes to long to type), and Peja be playing less than 40? Well, whatever works, Mr. Scott. Maybe JuJu will find his way into the rotation as more of a roleplayer and things will work out later. The team’s winning, no need for me to nitpick.

4) Chris Anderson, it’s really good to see him back; he brought some interesting energy to the Hornets, that’s the kind of bench we need. I think our bench is beginning to look stellar. Jannero, Bonzi, who has really proven his worth, Julian of course, and now Chris Anderson. It’s starting to look slightly more consistent, definitely a good sign for the playoffs and later the finals.

All in all, the Hornets are about to round off a completely savage season. Going from contending the 8th spot to holding a top 3 position, almost guaranteed, is awesome. A lot of bandwagon fans will be arriving soon, so might as well join in before we sweep through the playoffs.

PS – Lakers lost to the Bobcats. Thank you, Charlotte.


8 Responses

  1. LOL @ the caption! Nice! HAhahaha

  2. Nice article…hopefully we’ll see some more D-West (or 17ft Assassin) lol recognition soon.

  3. Can’t believe LA lost to Charlotte. I was joking that they might lose when they were down 31-27 in the second, and bam! they actually lose. Some much needed breathing room. I agree with you big time about our bench. It’s rounding into great shape for the playoffs. Jeff Bower looks like a genius for getting WElls, and signing Andersen, two moves another GM might not have made, given both their histories. Who do you think makes the playoff roster, junsier?

  4. Bah. I will continue to call him Fluffy.

  5. Just my two cents. But it looks like Butler and Armstrong are going to be the odd men out for the playoffs. That is, unless Hilton gets one more shot and shines. But probably not.

  6. Come on, you guys. It was Joe Tait’s 3,000th broadcast. Couldn’t D West (David, not Delonte) have stumbled for a few seconds, namely 7.7?

  7. Haha Carolyn, I saw your account of the game. Do you do that for all Cleveland home games? Really entertaining and really funny.

  8. Just saw the question – sorry about that. I love to write running game commentaries and do it whenever possible. Last two games were too depressing to relive in detail.

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