The Hive Five: Game Sixty-Eight

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Biggest game of the season, CP3 in foul trouble, and we beat the best team in the NBA by seven. Woooooo!!!!!

Hey Rafer, who’s the “superstar” now?

This game was just unbelievable for #30, David West. 37 points, on 60% shooting from the floor, and perfect from the line. For all those who questioned DX’s All-Star selection, here’s your emphatic response. This game was as much about shutting down the doubters as it was about beating the best team in the league. J.A. Adande, of “Kobe makes “moments” like no other player in basketball” fame, how’d you like the moment CP hit that triple? To all the people that said Chris Paul wouldn’t be effective against bigger guards because of fouls, how did 19 points, and 7 dimes with 5 fouls feel? To all the people who hate our bench, how about 15 and 6 from Jannero Pargo? To all the Wells’ haters, how did that 8 steal night (6 in the 4th) feel? And last but not least, I’m pretty sure we’ve heard Rafer Alston speak on the subject of David West for the last time.






















1. Shooting () At the onset, I was afraid this was going to be a repeat of the Detroit game- an Eastern power shoots an absurd percentage from the field while proceeding to blow us out. But that was before the fourth quarter. In our past 3 fourths, we’ve given up 10, 13, and 17 in outscoring opponents 96-40. Yes, that’s not a typo. And in that stretch we played both the top seed in the East (Boston) and the top seed at the time in the West (Houston).

2. Turnovers () This is the reason we won, make no mistake. Pargo and Paul were amazing with the ball (just 2 turns apiece) as New O turned in one of its top ball control games of the season. Of course the real story in the turnovers department was Bonzi Wells, making defense play after defensive play. I don’t care if he doesn’t score 25 again this year, if he plays D like this. We scored 31 points off turnovers in holding a massive margin in that stat.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) The only real downer of the night, excluding Boston’s shooting. Surprisingly it wasn’t KG on the O-Glass, but Paul Pierce who did a great job with positioning against the taller Peja. Additionally, former Hornet P.J. Brown made his presence felt. As good as West’s offense was, Boston made rebounding very difficult for him, as he finished the night without an O-board.

4. Free Throws () We made more free throws than they attempted; that should tell you a lot. West, Paul, Peja, and Wells went to the line 7, 6, 5, and 7 times respectively while no Celtic not named Kevin went more than 4 times. And of course we nailed a huge percentage of our freebies (86.2% to be exact.

5. Pace (90) I was expecting this to be as much a defensive struggle as New Orleans-Houston; instead we got the exact opposite. While the pace stayed around where we might expect, way more shots fell than anticipated. We scored more points on Boston than anyone has in more than a month, and we were a point shy of the most that’s been scored on them all season. The defense has been spectacular all year, but recently the offense has been taking a huge step up. Wells has certainly helped the bench, and the return of David West gives us a virtually unguardable threat on many nights. At the end of the day, two stats led us to the win: turnovers and, surprisingly, free throws. If you’ve followed this blog through the season, you’ll recognize that free throws haven’t decided a single game for the Hornets this year. Tonight was a good time to start. Other notable stats: every Boston starter shot better than 50% from the floor, KG equaled the rebound totals of West, Wells, Ely, and Peja combined, and Peja’s now made 27 free throws in a row.

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2 Responses

  1. You can tell how spoiled we are as Hornets fans, when CP gets 19-4-7-2 and we consider it an off night. How many teams in the league would kill for a line like that? But when you stop and really just look at the numbers, as you say, with 29 minutes and 5 fouls, it’s pretty impressive. And on 60% FG percentage. Damn.

  2. Yeah.. I’m so glad we have him. I really hope this foul-trouble performance sets the table for future games against Utah, etc. A lot of people say that he’ll never succeed against D-Will because of fouls, but learning to play with fouls is what can prevent that. Also, I came away really impressed with Rondo; definitely didn’t realize he was that good.

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