Graphing the Hornets

With 15 games to go, it’s time for the latest shooting trend update. The graph below pretty much summarizes how shots have been falling, game to game, for the last 67 games. Not too many trends are readily visible, but one I really like is this: in games immediately following poor shooting performances (defined as 45% or less), we shoot 53.1%. To me, that speaks really highly of Byron Scott’s coaching ability. Following a poor shooting night, he’s able to make sure we don’t repeat that same performance back-to-back (whether that’s through getting to the line more, getting different guys open, etc). Obviously, some of these “rebound” games have to be due to quality of opponent; however, we’ve now played in 11 such games, allowing a reasonable sample size.

Click for Larger:

Other random thoughts: we’ve topped the 60% (with a high of 70%) mark 6 times, but only twice since the All-Star Break. We’ve been below 40% just three times, and none since the All-Star Break. In other words, our shooting’s been far more consistent this side of the midway point, a good sign heading into the postseason. The last thing you want is a clunker of a game costing you the lead in a playoff series. Last but not least, our season average is 51.0%, good for 8th in the league, behind Phoenix, Utah, L.A., and Golden State in the West.


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