The Hive Five: Game Sixty-Six

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“I have never seen anything like that in my life. If he ain’t MVP, it’s a damn shame.” – Tyson Chandler

So this is what coaching the Celtics feels like.

Back-to-back losses at Detroit and then home to Chicago would not have been pretty, given our upcoming schedule: Houston, and Boston 2x in the next week and a bit. This one was pretty funky as far as our recent home games have gone- Chicago’s consistent small lead kept the crowd minimally involved. David West was sorely missed again, but Bonzi Wells came up huge in his absence. Not only did he fight for 3 OREBS off the bench, and pick up 19 crucial points, he was stellar at the line while doing it (7-8). CP was obviously the catalyst down the stretch, but Bonzi made his task a whole lot easier. It was interesting to see Ryan Bowen and Melvin Ely get really limited minutes (16) total, but the emergence of Julian Wright obviously played a big part of that. The guy’s literally turned into a consistent 10-15 point scorer a night in a week and a half. Is it for real? Absolutely; his athleticism is too great to be consistently guarded, and he’s got a great touch from anywhere on the court. A stat that might go mostly unnoticed is Peja’s 10 boards; those boards were key with West out, and Stojakovic actually led the team in offensive rebounding with 4. Great to see him do some dirty work on a night his shot didn’t fall often. And finally, Chris Paul: 15 for 21, 37 points, 13 assists, 3 steals, and just 2 turnovers. Refresh my memory, why do people compare him with Deron Williams again?






















1. Shooting () After witnessing Detroit’s fantastic traps of (a hobbled) Paul on Sunday, Chicago’s were bound to look far worse. Nevertheless, I though Noakim did a solid job staying with the traps on Paul. For the second straight night, the three ball was way off (6-18). Let’s hope this doesn’t become a recurring theme going into this next tough stretch. Other than 3’s, the Hornets did just fine, with CP leading the way on 15 FGM’s.

2. Turnovers () Another 3 steal night for Paul- that’s now 68 games in a row with a steal. Speaking of that streak, I did some preliminary research (ie, Google’d it) as to what the longest stretch ever with a steal is. Anyone have the answer? Or a guess?

3. Offensive Rebounding () Hat tip to aforementioned Peja performance. Tyson was busy, but somewhat limited by the great rebounding duo of Gooden and Noah. Bonzi Wells contributed on the OREB front as well with 3.

4. Free Throws () Great job by New O to get to the line. Wells got the line 8 times, and the FT category is a place he could make a huge impact for us down the stretch. He pretty much makes some kind of contact with his defender on every play, and his presence defensively is great to see. I’m looking forward to Scott giving him nice minutes in the Boston games.

5. Pace (94) Wow, this is a vastly different Chicago team than its pre-trade predecessor. They’re still great on the boards (Gooden instead of Wallace and Smith), and Ben Gordon is still a major factor, but the real change seems to have happened defensively. Their traps were quick to come, and most rotations were crisp. On the offensive end, instead of being lulled into the Hornets 89-90 range pace, they really took it on themselves to speed things up. At 94, this game was plenty quick, but in the end we did pull out a game we had no business winning by 10. I’m really, really hoping David West is back for the Houston game; if not, things could get ugly.


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5 Responses

  1. Nice review, yeah if CP3 is not MVP then I am David Wingate.

  2. Why would that be how it was to coach the Celtics if the Bulls lost? Weird.

    Anyways you guys won a really good game, Chris Paul dominated, but we’ll still make the playoffs.

  3. Haha, because the Bulls had on those green jerseys. When I first put the game on, I thought the colors were messed up or something. Still a cool idea.

  4. I was surprised to see Byron stick with a small lineup when Melvin and Ryan weren’t giving him what he wanted. We’ve pretty much chewed up and spit out teams that tried that on us with TC and D-West. He must really be pissed at Hilton and Birdman not to throw either one in with West out.

  5. Yeah, I can’t wait to see Birdman back on the court. As far as Hilton… he must’ve done something terrible in practice. Still, Hilton hasn’t had the greatest minutes out on the floor, so that probably has something to do with it.

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