The Hive Five: Game Fifty-Nine

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Normally, I would complain about this, but after that Washington drubbing, I’m ready to take anything we get.

The NBA. Where CP3 Happens.

It’s amazing how 3 minutes of great basketball can overshadow 45 minutes of mediocre, uninspired defense. If Chris Paul doesn’t turn it on right at the end, we’d be sitting here, saddled with two losses in two days to the Wizards and the Knicks. For whatever reason, we played great defense in the second and fourth quarters, but not the first and third. The Knicks took us the distance, mostly due to terrible penetration defense. Curry consistently established extremely low position on Chandler, which was something of a surprise, and Nate Robinson couldn’t miss. But while this game was closer than the score indicates, it wasn’t as close as the score doesn’t show it was. What am I excessively convolutedly trying to say? Basically, that if Peja and West knock down some wide open looks they usually do, this game wouldn’t have been so tight. Peja’s cold streak has continued for a few games now, but from what I can tell, his form and arc still look the same as before. It’s just been a matter of luck, or a lack thereof. Also, Chris Paul is the man. EDIT: Check out Melvin Ely’s Block of the Night.






















1. Shooting () Not quite the pre-Washington game levels of shooting, but a welcome improvement. Obviously, Peja couldn’t buy a bucket and West couldn’t hit well from the floor, but everyone else contributed. Pargo’s struggles did continue as well, but it was nice to see Morris Peterson continue the rhythm he found against Phoenix. I’m really hoping he can ride this level of play up to and into the playoffs. Pargo has been solid on both ends of the floor, but he can’t do it all himself at the 2 spot.

2. Turnovers () New O went almost 15 minutes in the second half without a turnover, and took excellent care of the ball. Subtract two questionable travelling violations against Ely and West, and you have an even better night. An observation about the final TC-CP alley oop, that kind of fits in with this turnovers section: did anyone else think there was no way Tyson would get that pass? I thought Paul had thrown it away for sure, and Tyson somehow ended up slamming it.

3. Offensive Rebounding () I called a Chandler 20 REB night earlier, but I’ll settle for 18. West will go unnoticed, since he got just 8 boards, but DX pulled down 5 of those on the offensive end, a game high. Best of all, New O shored up its defensive boardwork tonight.

4. Free Throws (X) I didn’t exactly enjoy the reffing in this one- a lot of odd fouls were called on the perimeter that impeded the flow of the game. The guards combined for 18 of the fouls. The Hornets “struggled” at the line, hitting 70%, but that’s pretty good for an off night.

5. Pace (88) After yesterday’s nasty sluggish 84 pace against the Wizards, the Hornets crispened things out against the Knicks. Sharp passes certainly helped that, and I think the game would have been much faster if New York hadn’t taken such good care of the ball. Other notes: why in the world would Isiah remove Nate Robinson late? With Crawford more suited to playing the 2, Robinson was the only point guard on the floor. Yet, Isiah replaces him with a rookie center who’s barely played at all? I love all the CP-Isiah similarities, but I hope the comparisons don’t extend off the court. It was nice to see Tyson get quite a few of those jump hooks to fall (and by quite a few, I mean 2). Finally, I can’t wait to have Bonzi back on our bench. Mike James, somewhat effectively, and Jannero Pargo, wholly ineffectively, were pretty much running around and throwing shots up every time they caught sight of the hoop. While Wells’ shooting form has been known to blind puppies, I don’t mind him playing back to the basket on the low block.

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  1. Normally I would complain that you haven’t updated, but I guess I can understand not wanting to write about being a part of Rockets history.

    Uh oh! Gotta go! Thor’s here!

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