The Hive Five: Game Fifty-Eight

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Chris Paul decides which Wizard to pass to next.

We get beat in a tough game on our home floor, get a chance to exact revenge a week later, and we put up that performance? Just nasty stuff. 41% from the floor. 10 turns for Paul and West. 31 free throws for the Wizards. Those were just a few of the repulsive numbers from this game. Chris Paul did turn it on in the 3rd, but our first half and fourth quarter were just atrocious. Pargo was awful from the floor, West couldn’t find the basket, and Bonzi didn’t really get involved in anything after getting off to a good start on the glass. We just lost to the Washington Wizards by 17. Let that sink in for a moment. Done? Good, read it again:

We just lost to the Washington Wizards by 17.

If you’re feeling brave, you might want to just glance at the factors. Beware though, overexposure to the toxicity below may induce vomiting.






















1. Shooting (X) The bench went 9-27. The thing Washington seems really geared towards doing, though, is taking West away offensively. They have highly athletic forwards in Blatche and Jamison, and West had to work for everything he got. On the defensive end, I was really pleased with the work we did on Stevenson. If there’s one positive I’m taking away from tonight, it’s the fact Byron Scott was able to adjust his defense so that we didn’t lose the same way as last time.

2. Turnovers (X) As I mentioned earlier, CP3 and DX combined to have 10 turnovers. The rest of the team had just 5, but that was too much damage to overcome. We haven’t seen Paul have a game like this in a while, and I’m more than willing to guess it’ll be a while till we see another one. I’m not worried in the slightest.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) We have one of our best offensive rebounding games in the last month, but we couple it with our poorest (non-Utah) defensive rebounding game in a long time. Darius Songaila grabbing as many O-REB’s as Tyson Chandler? Wells and Bowen contributed solidly off the bench in terms of the boards, but when a 6’6” Nick Young pulls down 6 boards in 13 minutes, you know something is wrong.

4. Free Throws (X) Exactly the opposite of the Utah game. Other than the bigs (Tyson and David went to the line 8 times), everyone else struggled to get to the line. But that obviously isn’t the story; it’s more par for the course. The story is Washington’s 31 attempts and their conversion of 80% of those.

5. Pace (84) This game devolved into a muck-like pace. A lot of that had to do with the fact that we got just 4 steals, and really couldn’t push the ball too much through our defense. New O finished with just 9 points off Wizard turnovers. Finally, this recap wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Antawn “Yeah, that’s how you spell it” Jamison. After being nonexistent in Washington’s first win, he was all over the court tonight, finishing with 28 and 9 on 50% shooting.

WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

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  1. I keep having this dream that the Wizards trounce the Hornets…it’s the strangest thing…then I wake up, a beer in my hand, watching NBA highlights wondering iff the Bees played…it’s the strangest thing…

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