The Hive Five: Game Fifty-Five

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And… we’re 0-3 post-trade. This one just had an odd feel to it; our 15 point lead seemed to materialize out of nowhere, and it disappeared just as quickly.


Eddie Jordan suggests a potential celebration technique to DeShawn Stevenson.

Remember when DeShawn Stevenson was that young guy in the dunk contest who nobody thought could do anything but dunk? Yeah, neither do I. This guy’s evolved so much as a player over the years, it’s amazing to see. Of course, watching him drain that crushing three at the buzzer wasn’t so amazing. The Houston and San Antonio losses were understandable, but Washington? Seriously, Washington? Missing Arenas and Butler? With our next two opponents the Suns and the Jazz, this was one we needed to have. One thing that was odd to see tonight was the trap actually getting to Chris Paul- he lost it spinning once, he travelled, and Washington defenders fought through screens really well. That string of Peja missed threes was really surprising, given how wide open he was; on any other night, he knocks down two to three of those, we pull away by double digits again, and that’s game. Obviously, that didn’t happen tonight. Finally, it was fantastic seeing the return of Morris Peterson. I’m really hoping he can re-cement his place in the starting lineup, simply because he offers so much more defensively than the much shorter Pargo or Mike James. The factors:























1. Shooting () We lost despite outshooting them by a significant 7 percent. Even though David West and Peja were downright horrible from the floor, everyone else picked up the slack. Having the option to throw down to Wells on the block will really improve this second-unit. However, he pulled up for the midrange shots far more than I would’ve liked today.

2. Turnovers (X) The reason we lost- Paul had 4 turns, and West had his worst game in quite some time with 5. On the other hand, Washington took excellent care of the ball- the only turnovers by their bench were too questionable travelling calls on Nick Young. Speaking of Young, this was the first time I’d seen him play, and I have to admit I was really impressed. This guy’s gonna be a great player in the near future.

3. Offensive Rebounding () We outdid Washington on the boards, in addition to outshooting them, which is why this loss feels so strange. The thing I liked best about our boarding performance was how active Mo-Pete was. He had great position on the defensive glass, and he hustled up and down the floor consistently. Hopefully, that’s a sign of things to come.

4. Free Throws (X) Washington got to the line a ton, mostly thanks to the effort of the aforementioned DeShawn Stevenson. Hilton’s missed free throw late turned out to be a moot point with Stevenson hitting the three to end it.

5. Pace (87) Our pace, great shooting, great rebounding, and a loss; that’s just how it goes sometimes. Some things that surprised me tonight: Antawn Jamison being so limitedly involved in the offense. I would’ve imagined him to be a focal point offensively, with both Gil and Caron out, but he got very few touches in finishing with 10 points. Peja missing so many good looks was something you won’t see too often as well. And the story of the night was obviously DeShawn. I remember laughing at him doing front-flips at the dunk contest before a pretty lame dunk, but I’m not laughing any more.


WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

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  1. Definitely a painful loss. As you say, one we needed to get. And all season we’ve gotten (we’re like 20-4 or something like that vs. teams with losing records.) Definitely definitely need this one tonight against the Suns.

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