This latest Texas three-step continues tonight… and the Houston game may be the toughest of the three, with the Yaos riding a really hot stretch. Also, is it just me, or do teams that make trades always seem to play each other the next night? Not sure if the trades involved will be in uniform tonight, but how weird would that be if Bobby Jackson played in a Houston jersey tonight, just two days after getting the crowd into a frenzy with his threes? We did beat Houston in our last meeting with them, but that was T-Macless. Check out the Dream Shake Rockets blog, where they make fun of my Wells-James-Jackson trade analysis. Okay, okay, fine I’ll admit saying James was “pass-first” is stupid on many levels, but you gotta remember, I’ve been watching Bobby Jackson play for 2 years now.





R. Alston 12.2

C. Paul 20.7


T. McGrady 21.0

M. Peterson 8.6


S. Battier 8.6

P. Stojakovic 16.3


L. Scola 8.6

D. West 19.8


Y. Ming 22.1

T. Chandler 12.0


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