The Hive Five: All-Star Game

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Going into this game, all I wanted was for CP to hand out at least 5 dimes, David West to score, CP to also score, and for the PA announcer to do the “wooo wooo” when CP scored. 22 points, 15 assists, 7 rebounds (4 offensive), and 4 steals later, I really don’t care that the PA guy abstained from the Chris Paul related sound effects.


#21 shouldn’t be the only Wake Forest product starting next year.

I jumped out of my chair on that first David West dunk, so you can imagine how crazy I was during that Chris Paul dominated 4th. And dominate he did with 9 points, and 7 assists in that quarter alone. I think if Iverson and Carmelo hadn’t combined for 8 turns, the West would have won this game more easily than you might imagine. It was obvious the West was really just fooling around while the East took the game seriously from the onset. Can you guess who played the most minutes for the West? That’s right- CP (along with B. Roy). Only LBJ and “Superman” played longer. All in all, there’s nothing I can complain about after this game. Especially after yesterday’s dooming slow shooting start by Peja and Deron Williams winning the Skills Challenge, this was the perfect antidote. The way Chris Paul weaved through a surprisingly defensive minded Eastern Conference team was just mind-blowing. Watching him school the Memphis Grizzlies is one thing, but seeing him cross Jason Kidd, spin by Dwyane Wade, hop-step by Lebron James, and deliver a no-look pass around Dwight Howard is something else. Here are the factors, which I realize are mostly meaningless for an All-Star game, but fun to look at nonetheless.























1. Shooting () Outrageous shooting, as to be expected. Hats off to Ray Allen getting super hot at the end. That said, Dirk, you need to stop shooting! If you take 14 shots, you better make more than 5 of them. That’s Carmelo Anthony open on the wing, not Devean George.

2. Turnovers (X) Turnovers are to expected in All-Star game, but AI, yours were just ugly. And refs, what was that offensive foul call on CP at the end? Yeah, he just decked Ray Allen, but this is New Orleans! At least David West didn’t shove anyone to the ground on a drive…

3. Offensive Rebounding () As much as I would’ve loved to see Tyson out there tonight, the West really didn’t need any more offensive boards. ‘Melo was all over the glass, as was Duncan, and Boozer did a solid underrated job off the bench.

4. Free Throws (No idea what to put here) Weird stat of the night: Chris Paul had five times as many fouls as the rest of the West starters combined.

5. Pace (118) Hahaha, the fastest game that will be played at the Hive until All-Star Sunday returns here next. But even still, Chris Paul looked extremely comfortable running up and down the court as fast as he could. That Brandon Roy off the backboard attempt was pretty funny; right when I saw Paul make eye-contact with Brandon on that break, I just had a feeling something disastrous was about to occur. Roy can jump all right, but even Gerald “Cupcake” Green would’ve had a challenge finishing that one. By the way, that was the 11th most assists anyone’s ever had in All-Star game. If CP starts this game with the better finishers (‘Melo, Kobe, etc), he could’ve made a run at Magic’s record of 22 from ’83. By my count, only one of Paul’s 14 dimes went to West, but West returned the favor, with his only assist of the night leading to a Paul triple. More random stuff: Paul tied with Roy and LBJ for most threes by players not named Ray Allen, and had a 7:1 assist to turnover ratio which Jason Kidd surprisingly topped. By my unofficial count, David West yelled “And one!” twice, and Allen Iverson yelled his support through use of the same phrase on the second occasion. And the last stat of the night: Chris Paul joined Randy White as the only players in All-Star game history with 5 fouls. White accomplished the amazing feat exactly 30 years ago in 1978.

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2 Responses

  1. No doubt an impressive game. And while the announcer didn’t play Chris’ “woo woo” effect, the upper deck crowd did. Soon thereafter, every time he made a shot or was announced as making an assist, we all did it. Watching the TNT reply last night, I noticed you could usually hear it if you listened for it!

  2. Okay yeah, I really missed that. By the way, it was the same announcer as our regular games right? The way he called David West and CP’s name sounded the same as normal so I just assumed it was.

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