The Hive Five: Game Forty-Five

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Normally, I might shrug a loss like this off. First loss in 10 games… 3rd in the last 20. You’re bound to hit a hot-shooting team eventually, right? But what agonizes me is how dominant the Hornets were statistically, except for one category. Oh, and the fact we would’ve clinched Byron Scott’s All-Star coaching opportunity with a win.


“Come on Tyson! Do you not want me to coach the All-Star Game or something?”

Just when I thought Don Nelson couldn’t get smarter, he made a brilliant tactical move which I’m guessing nobody really noticed. What was it? Playing Biedrins primarily when Chandler sat; this allowed the advantage we might normally enjoy on the boards due to the Chandler-Biedrins matchup to die away. Instead, Chandler dominated their scrubs, and Biedrins dominated ours (granted, for fewer minutes) and it was even. It sucks that Baron got the last laugh in his first New Orleans visit; that 30 foot three hurts. The Dubs forced CP to carry the scoring load tonight, and again, it hurt us. I wrote about this earlier, and one of the counter-points I received to my argument was that CP shoots a lot more when a) his team is failing badly, or b) his team is starting to crumble in the fourth. That clearly wasn’t the case tonight; Dubs looked like they were deliberately leaving him open. The offense looked extraordinarily stagnant tonight; for the best evidence of this, look no further than the shots taken by Peja. Pretty much none of them were in rhythm, and all involved a man in his face as he faded away. But obviously, as I noted above, there were a ton of positives in this loss. Most of them I’ll describe next through the factors, but one bit of praise I’ve got to throw out is for David West and his 5 blocks.






















1. Shooting (X) Our worst defensive performance of the year, shooting wise. And the worst part was that so many of those GS shots were so bad, so painful that if we were taking them, I might have contracted glaucoma. We did a decent job putting the ball in the bucket, but you can’t really do anything when the opposition shoots 13-27 from distance. Although, I have one gripe on their three shooting as well: on more than one occasion, a Hornets defender looked pretty surprised when Stephen Jackson would jack up a long three early in the shot clock. You hope these guys pay more attention to the scouting report next time.

2. Turnovers () I actually didn’t know this beforehand, but Golden State is actually extremely good at taking care of the ball. We rank first in the West, they rank second. Probably wouldn’t have hurt if I’d done some advanced scouting myself… Stat of the night: none of their bigs had a turnover, while our 3 bigs (West, Chandler, Ely) combined for 5.

3. Offensive Rebounding () This right here is the stat that makes me feel so bad about this game. We absolutely crushed them on the glass, Nelson’s Biedrins strategy notwithstanding. We just couldn’t put the ball back in the rim. The best example of this was obviously that one sequence where we missed about 5 layups in a row.

4. Free Throws () Eh. Well officiated game. Blargh.

5. Pace (88) We definitely limited them to our pace, but honestly, they still pushed it at crucial times. Monta reminds me a ton of Tony Parker, with crazy speed and great finishing ability. Harrington’s shooting definitely hurt us, but he was consistently wide open. And Jackson just had it stuck on automatic all night. B-Diddy didn’t really get it going until late. The audience seemed really great today, again, and hopefully things stay this way even after the Barons and Iversons of the world are done with their New Orleans’ visits. One thing that was extremely crisp tonight was Hornets rotation defense. Even through the 9 game winning streak that was lacking at many points, but tonight was good. The Warriors just hit some tough shots over defenders, and you really can’t be too angry when that happens. We play Sac-town on Friday, and I’m 99% sure we still clinch the best non-Phoenix record if we win that game. Dallas has just one game left (Boston), so unless we lose to Sacramento, and they beat Boston, Byron will coach the West team.

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4 Responses

  1. Well, Mo-Pete didnt play, neither did Jackson, and Ely left early. This can’t be looked at as too bad of a loss when you factors all those things in.

    Not only that, we couldn’t get a ton of layups to drop.

  2. Eh, I don’t think we would’ve won even with those guys. The main thing was how crazy the Warriors shot the ball, 60% eFG won’t happen 19 times out of 20.

  3. I think Missing Mo Pete hurt our defensive rotations. I shouted “Rotate Pargo!” and “Close out West!” a few times each. Pargo is a pesky on-the-ball defender, but their defensive rotations, normally our strength, were a little more sloppy with him on the floor. They did leave Paul open to shoot, instead choosing to smother everyone else. Honestly, that didn’t work. We stayed with them with Paul as our primary scorer, even with them hitting everything. It seemed to me we just ran out of gas at the end with those heavy minutes. West and Paul started missing shots short – which is a sign of tired legs.

  4. Yeah, I loved the Pargo on Ellis matchup. Honestly, though, Paul on Ellis might have worked out better in the end, if only because there’s no way Ellis draws 5 fouls on Paul. Did you notice how Baron couldn’t really back down Chris? That was quite impressive. And yeah, heavy minutes indeed. As poorly as Jackson et al. have played at time this season, minutes is minutes.

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