The Hive Five: Game Forty-Three

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Talk about a statement game. New O handed the Spurs their worst loss of the Tim Duncan era in San Antonio. Said G. Popovich, “you can see why they have the best record in the West.”

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it wasn’t the Hornets who would be decapitated.

David West is an absolute monster. I said two weeks ago that David West shouldn’t be an All-Star this season, at least not yet, that there were other deserving forwards in the conference. Boy, was I wrong. 15-19 against Tim Duncan. 15-19 against Tim Duncan. Fifteen for Nineteen against THE best defensive team of the last decade. The man was just unstoppable tonight, driving through the lane with power, playing an unguardable back to the basket game, and knocking down 19 footers more effectively than the likes of Peja Stojakovic or Manu Ginobli. I read an article in some Toronto paper comparing him to Chris Bosh (with the conclusion that Bosh was better). Man, if only they could play each other one on one. Oh wait, that’s right they already did. How did West do? Oh, just a measly 15-21 with 33 points.






















1. Shooting () Jeez. 59%? New Orleans had a 16% differential between their own and their opponent’s eFG%. Every single starter shot 50% or better from the floor. David West shot 79%, Peja shot 64%, and TC shot 57%. The best shooter for SA? Udoka, who took just 10 shots and hit 6 of them.

2. Turnovers (X) Obviously, ball control along with defense is what has made San Antonio into such a powerhouse. That was on fully display again against us; other than Ginboli’s 3 turns, every Spur player did a great job with the ball.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) With all the “San Antonio is getting old” talk, one thing has remained very constant, and that’s the Spurs’ awesome front court depth. With Oberto, and Elson supporting Duncan, along with Matt Bonner playing a more physical game recently, this is a tough team to rebound against. So you can’t fault West for not getting an O-Board in this game. And how about Ryan Bowen? He’s been bringing a lot of energy off the bench in the form of defense (and two O-Boards tonight).

4. Free Throws () Duncan got a couple “eh” calls, but none of the other Spurs really got to the line well. Most impressive was the drive defense against slasher Manu Ginobli, and though Parker did eat the Hornets alive all game, he was rarely fouled.

5. Pace (87) Great to see two of the slowest teams in the league go at it; not so great to see so many failed alley-oops early. Seemed like CP was really trying to force in the fancy play tonight, something he basically never does. Nevertheless, it didn’t cost us much, and it made the alley-oop to TC seem that much better when they finally hooked up.

WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

NUMBERS: || Box Score || Shot Chart || Play-by-Play ||

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