The Hive Five: Game Forty-One

Finally, this recent hot streak gets a little validation. Granted, I’m still not too hot on Portland (mostly because of their lack of depth in the middle), but they have been playing very good basketball this season. JP said it best after the game… “This win gives us credibility.” Now, obviously the true measure of how good the Hornets are will come Saturday at SA, but this was a great step towards that.


No, this picture wasn’t photoshopped.

In the first quarter, the Hornets really seemed to be stuck on getting the ball to David; obviously, he did end up scoring most of the points, but the offense looked way too predicated on him touching it and trying the post at least once. Portland hit a ton of jumpers throughout this game, and anyone else find that Outlaw leg-kick-out thing really annoying? I thought B-Jax’s leg kick was bad, but Outlaw looked like he was literally trying to land on top of his defender after shooting. That said, he is definitely explosive, and has great range. And if I were a naive fan that believed in such things as “clutch,” I might say he was clutch. The recent trend of stepping on the pedal post-halftime is really, really encouraging; you have to feel that it’s the coaching staff doing an excellent job analyzing what went well and what didn’t. And finally, CP started cold, but finished strong, a recurring theme for the season. On to the Factors:























1. Shooting () Pargo’s really stepping it up with Jackson hurt; 24 and 5 off the bench? Very solid effort from the Arkansas man. Also, the shooting tonight was refreshing, considering how we collapsed last in Portland last time around. The real story of shooting, though, was obviously at the defensive end. Not a single Blazer- save Steve Blake- shot better than 50% from the floor.

2. Turnovers () CP and JP combined for just 2 turnovers, and CP stretched his games with a steal streak to 39… solid effort all around. And the Obligatory David West Turnover Watch? How about we just end it at this point; the dude’s done an outstanding job ever since that rough stretch of offensive fouls all over the place.

3. Offensive Rebounding () I must say I was very impressed with Tyson Chandler’s resiliency in this one. Portland was making a concerted effort to keep him off the O-glass early, but he still managed to yank down 7 when all was said and done. This doesn’t really belong under O-Reb’s, but Ryan Bowen made a solid contribution off the bench as well.

4. Free Throws () Brandon Roy shot One (1) Free-Throw. Enough said.

5. Pace (81) After the odd trend of establishing tempo on the road, but not consistently at home, the Hornets are now starting to do it everywhere. That said, Portland has actually played slower basketball than us this season, believe it or not, so they couldn’t have had much beef about the pace.

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