29-12, 1st in the West!

First! in the western conference and second in the entire league. The Hornets have officially proven themselves to the world through these first 41 games, but sadly it looks like it’ll take a while before everyone understands/jumps the bandwagon. Anyways, here’s my little breakdown of our 6th straight win:

1) Speaking of proving himself, Jannero Pargo did just that today. He scored 24 points, only playing for half the game, along with 5 dimes. The Hornets went down (un)expectedly? in the 1st quarter, and wham, Jannero Pargo and the Hornets bench really took Portland apart. The Blazers came into the game with probably the most stellar bench in the league, playing the sub-par Hornets reserves, who really turned the tables. Pargo was on fire in the second, scoring 15 points in that quarter alone. I’m also pretty impressed with Mr. Ryan Bowen, I honestly never thought he was great, but that fast break slam and some hustle defense and rebounding really made me think twice. The guy’s a solid reserve, he really did well tonight.

2) David West once again owned- he scored 18 points in the first quarter alone, absolutely dominating. I think Portland noticed his presence though, because he only scored 3 more times for the rest of the game, but without D-West in the first period the Hornets wouldn’t have had a prayer of a comeback, which they pulled off really well in the second, thanks to JP.

3) Defense on Brandon Roy. I absolutely loved how Roy got doubled every time he touched the ball, he wasn’t able to score at all. Of course he did pass it off to the open man, accounting for his 6 assists, but limiting Brandon Roy’s shots really did it for the Hornets. Mo-Pete and Rasual got right up in his face. Even in the fourth when Brandon tried posting up CP3, the Hornets defense just overwhelmed him.

4) Chris Paul was pretty slow early today, I hate how he’s in the “cold” section of Yahoo’s front page, but he finished strong in the end. Those three clutch buckets made a big difference, plus he ended up with 18 and 10, not bad looking stats at all. But seriously, if Chris Paul is for some insane reason not an All-Star, let alone a starter, the league needs to rethink its existence. He’s proven himself way too many times, and this 6 game streak plus the first place spot in the west speak for themselves.

Thoughts – The Hornets are absolutely unconscious. Jannero Pargo really made a statement about his value to the team, and even Rasual Butler seems to be stepping it up a bit in terms of defensive intensity. The bench looked a lot better than before, let’s just hope Julian Wright will play sometime this century, seriously they’re using him as much as the Blazers are using Greg Oden.

Speaking of the Blazers, their commentators are FREAKIN’ ANNOYING! Wow, I know they have to support their team and all, but they make it absolutely pathetic. They’ve somehow divined that the Hornets lead the league in complaining foul calls (with the Blazers obviously last), and that Tyson Chandler leads the league in complaints per foul call. Plus, it seems like every other Hornets basket was a Chris Paul travel, or every Blazers miss was a hard elbow to the eye. Perhaps I’d just like to watch a Hornets home game on league pass with commentators who can recognize true talent.

In the end though, annoying commentators or not, the Hornets are numero uno in the west, Byron Scott should coach the Western All-Star Team, on which Chris Paul, in a perfect world, would start. Up next are the Clips; should be a W given how this team is playing.


9 Responses

  1. Stunning to see the Suns go down to Minnesota… Now I don’t feel so bad about losing to the Wolves. Or is Phoenix just that bad this year?

  2. Phoenix are right there with us atop the West, but for some reason they have trouble with the T-Wolves. I don’t think we can be too hard on the Blazers announcers either. I didn’t hear them myself, but Bob and Gil annoy the shit out of opposing fans when they’re on League Pass, too. All the announcers are homers, but that’s what they’re paid to be.

  3. both to the blogger, and ron hitley, did you guys really enjoy the pheonix suns announcers when we played them in phoenix a couple of weeks ago? so unbiased and easy to hear unlike the portland one (chris paul is never going to sign with them!!!) both were very complimentary and if one of them had something negative to say (the white dude lol) the other announcer came back with something positive.

    both were complimentary of each team, but also had some constructive criticism of both teams, players, refs – like that time the ref didn’t call a foul on mo pete after he almost tackled grant hill – one of the announcers said the ref made a mistake, but he also said grant overreacted as well.

    that being said – eddie johnson – one of the suns announcers who i remembered said that the hornets were a great team and that he has come away impressed by their play after watching them on TV a lot – is also friends with Mo…so, lol. i wonder how they are friends? eddie played in the nba for like 17 years – amazing!

    so i understand the hate for the blazers announcers. i can’t wait until we play them again, and hopefully eddie johnson is announcing that game!

  4. Yeah, I guess I’m giving their commentators unnecessary heat and I can understand their “shoulda been a foul/travel/” but a guy has to be pretty dense to think the Hornets lead the league in complaining. Everyone knows the Spurs do. 😉

    And sparks – nice to see a Hornets fan in Canada? I thought me being in California was odd…

  5. Gotta agree with the Eddie Johnson comment. He even told his fellow announcer that CP was better than Steve Nash, hahahha

  6. Yeah, I remember that one, before the game Eddie Johnson said Chris Paul has become the best point guard in the league and the other commentator was just staring at him blankly. Good times.

  7. you know i’m from canada? lol! the IP address gave it away?

  8. yeah an cp3 is the best point in the nba. he didn’t even score in double figures tonight i think, and we still blew the clippers out.
    this team definitely isn’t a one man team!

  9. Nah, I actually noticed you posting on H247. If you’re the same sparks here and there that is.

    Yeah, we definitely burned the Clips, all those threes…looks like Rasual got his touch back?

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