Hope everyone had a great long weekend… sorry, I didn’t recap either of the Hornets wins (‘Cats and Bucks). I’ll post those recaps up very soon, for completeness’ sake (and of course you can look up all this seasons’ recaps using the link up top. Anyway, Hornets go for 6 in a row tonight! Portland has obviously been the biggest surprise in the NBA this year, and the home team has won every game so far in the series (we’re 1-2). Hornets247 has a great interview up with Blazer’s Edge for the game, so be sure to check it out. Here are the starters (BJax is apparently still injured). AccuScore likes us big.






S. Blake 7.5

C. Paul 21.1


B. Roy 19.3

M. Peterson 8.8


M. Webster 10.9

P. Stojakovic 14.7


L. Aldridge 17.3

D. West 19.4


J. Przybilla 4.9

T. Chandler 12.4


2 Responses

  1. I highy doubt Portland will have neough to win tonight. 7th game on a 7 game road trip? Ouch.

  2. i’ve never seen this blog before! great!

    entersandman, you should add on mo’s profile, that’s he won the ncaa championship at Michigan State in the year 2000!

    go spartans!

    go hornets too!

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