The Hive Five: Game Forty

Wow. The way the Hornets stepped on the pedal after halftime was just scary. We’re now 21-3 against sub .500 teams.

Yi’s “Great Wall” impersonation wasn’t too convincing.

Every time I see Paul and TC hook up for consecutive alley-oops- which is becoming more and more commonplace- the first thing I’m always wondering is what’s the opposing coach thinking? Seriously, after Tyson made that spin move for his 2nd alley, what’s Krystkowiak’s next move? Yell at the center? Bench the help defender? Speaking of Bucks’ centers, I have to say I’m very impressed by Andrew Bogut. Obviously Bogut over Paul is an idiotic pick (and no, I don’t buy all the “they needed a center stuff.” First off, Bogut’s projected upside coming out of college was not so great that he should ever have been considered the automatic pick. Second, if they were really as high on Ford as they said at the time, why in @$!# would they trade him for Villanueva without a bona-fide PG still in the fold?) Okay, enough of the rant on Bogut. His low post moves were really, really impressive even with Chandler draped all over him. And as soft as Milwaukee’s interior may have seemed, dude did pull down 15 boards, including 10 defensive.






















1. Shooting () Just great shooting of late, and it continued against the Bucks. Peja and Mo went 8-15 from downtown, and MP9 even converted his second 4 point play of the season. The CST guys made a great comment about his shooting- he seems to connect very well on transition shots in comparison to ones in the half-court offense. I’ll try looking up some stats later to support/argue for/against this, but just from watching the games, it may have some truth to it.

2. Turnovers () Finally, the great ball-control game I was waiting on from CP. The Hornets only lost it 6 times, and 2 of those came on boneheaded plays by the bench in garbage time. Another small point: it was great to see D-West’s reaction after his offensive foul in the 1st quarter; instead of staring down the ref like he’s done many times this season, he seemed to understand what the call stemmed from. Playing against better teams, we’ll need him to be especially in control of his offensive movements, and understanding when he’ll be called for charging is a large part of that.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Two words: Tyson Chandler.

4. Free Throws (X) New O actually did a very respectable job getting to the stripe, but some of the fouls they committed against Milwaukee were just… bad.

5. Pace (83) Yet another stomping at the hive… as painfully slow for Milwaukee as possible. Throw out the nonsense at the end (yes, I’m still angry we didn’t win by more than 25), and you have an even slower game on your hands. It’s amazing how exciting the Hornets make half-court basketball… when was the last time you saw the Spurs score on back-to-back alley-oop dunks, both on fundamentally sound basketball plays?

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