The Hive Five: Game Thirty-Eight

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This game was obviously a reflection of how bad Seattle is more than how good the Hornets are. That said, the Hornets are still something like 17-4 against sub .500 teams. Of course, that makes them 9-8 against the over .500 ones, but with Dallas being the only team with a plus .500 record against the West’s top 8, that’s not bad at all.

“Think Chris can do this?”

The much maligned bench showed how much it’s improved since the first Sonics game; back in Seattle, they couldn’t close out a double digit lead in the 4th, forcing the starters to come back in. Tonight Pargo and BJax were on fire from the floor (again), and Melvin Ely looked solid in 23 minutes. Even Butler contributed 8 points in just 8 minutes, so you have to wonder if the Bower and Co. are having second thoughts about making a trade… which is decidedly a bad thing. Maybe I’m being too cynical, but there’s no way this bench is this good for the rest of the year (or even the rest of the month). Okay some game specifics: Kevin Durant got his ankle broken. (It’s the #8 play on that highlight list); that was just a wicked cross from CP. It was interesting to see the Hornets go to the “draw a charge in the backcourt” twice. Kinda scary to see Mo-Pete go down temporarily the first time (while not getting the call); the second time around, you could almost hear the refs thinking “well, we have to call it this time, right?” Seattle did guard the high screen and roll very well, that was certainly a surprise. And what was up with the fan walking on the court in the fourth quarter? Even stranger was that none of the players seemed to notice…






















1. Shooting () Fantastic shooting to begin the 5 game homestand. Peja was red hot from the floor, and from the line. CP, though, was having a dreadful night from the field (2-8 at one point) before rebounding. Mo-Pete just disappeared again. Not only did he go 1-9, he only played 21 minutes (less than Ely and the same as Jackson). We really need to find better ways to involve him in the offense, maybe having him shoot only threes in rhythm isn’t a good idea.

2. Turnovers () Does anyone know who replaced CP’s decision making with Deron Williams’? Okay, maybe he isn’t that bad yet, but Chris had 4 turns today after 5 and 6 turnover performances. Overall, he’s still doing an excellent job, but for some reason he’s making one or two weird passes he didn’t attempt for the first three months. Most encouraging stat: West with 0 turnovers.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Solid rebounding job from the starters to the bench- even Rasual pulled down four boards in eight minutes. I really thought Chandler was going to get 30 rebounds today (especially after he posted in his blog entry that he was planning on achieving it at least once). But then he went reboundless for about the first 9 minutes of the third (stop rebounding, David West!) and he sat for the fourth. Johan Petro was impressive for Seattle, with 7 boards in just 21 minutes.

4. Free Throws (X) Average job getting to the stripe, but sure was fun to see Peja get there 7 times in the second.

5. Pace (98) The fastest game the Hornets have played this year came against… Seattle? Interesting that Byron Scott decided to let his guys really push it versus the Supes. This game was faster than either Phoenix game or the GS one, and the Hornets were the ones controlling the tempo. A sign of things to come? Maybe something they’re trying to practice before the San Antonio game? We’ll see.

WORDS: || AP (through || Five Observations ||

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  1. I fell bad for Mo-Pete. The “@” on top of the page covers his whole face. 😦

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