Who Coming? Trade Situation Part II

It’s no secret the Hornets could trade to help their abysmal bench this year, and having already covered the candidates for being traded, let’s take a look at the backcourt positions and the players the Hornets could use from around the league. (Ed. note: Keep in mind, this list is comprised of the guys we’ve heard rumors about so far, not guys we would necessarily want).

PG – The Hornets seem to already have a decent backcourt- any backcourt with Paul is going to be at worst, decent; and according to our previous verdict on B-Jax and Jannero Pargo, the chances of trading for another point guard seem to be relatively low. Even though we’re looking for less minutes for CP3, he still has to play the majority of the minutes in the PG position for us to win games, so having a fourth-string player seems relatively pointless.

SG/SF – The 2/3 slot seems to be the major issue for the Hornets. Rasual Butler isn’t doing well at all, shooting almost 40 points below his career average, and Marcus Vinicius (or Julian Wright) shouldn’t be the only options off the bench. So the 2/3 is what the Hornets need to really trade for- (a) consistent back-up(s) for MoPete and Peja who can really do the job every night. Here are the guys whose names have been tossed around:

Juan Dixon, Toronto Raptors

The 6-3 guard from Maryland seems to be a consistent (enough) shooting guard and can put up solid play in the position. He’s averaged 11 points a game as a back-up, and he’s a Pargo like player in that he can create his own shot. With the Raps looking to deal him, he may be just the player the Bees are looking for. Dixon isn’t a grade A player, but may be a decent option off the bench. The other knock on him is he’s certainly undersized, weighing in at a mere 165 pounds. Would I trade Butler for him? Nope. Both have eerily similar numbers, but we need to remember that this is a down year for Butler, and a career best year shooting the three for Dixon. The numbers will even out through the season.

J.J. Reddick, Orlando Magic

Okay, he looks kind of depressed in the picture, but that’s only because he can’t get off the bench for a team that has an unhealthy obsession with the three. This is, after all, a guy who basically grew into a legend just for his ability to hit the college trifecta. Having seen him used sparingly for two years, Otis Smith has given indications he’d deal him. The Hornets could find use for him as a back-up; a consistent shooter would certainly be welcome in N’awlins.

Keyon Dooling, Orlando Magic

Kenyon Dooling is another 6-3 shooting guard, who like Dixon, could find himself a nice niche in the Hornets bench. Dooling is another consistent shooting guard, and could find himself playing 15-20 minutes a game on the Hornets. The thing about Dooling is he isn’t exactly a shooter. He barely connects on 30% of his threes, but he’s excellent from inside the arc. Additionally, he’s been great getting to the line in limited minutes. That could offer some help to a Hornets team struggling to get free throw attempts consistently. And what’s not to like about having a guy with two of the coolest names (Dooling and Keyon) on your team? Reddick and Dooling are both on the market. Reddick and Dooling are both also undersized. Dooling’s essentially a PG masquerading as a SG, and Reddick’s a pure shooting SF masquerading as a SG. Again, the call would be to keep Butler on both counts. He’s far more athletic, and obviously a much, much stronger option defensively.

Mickael Pietrus, Golden State Warriors

With Pietrus out on the block, he may be the only real viable option among these guys to fill the 2/3 hole that the Hornets are looking for. Mickael is obviously the only one of this bunch whose defense can compare to Butler’s, and for a team that has to credit its defense for a lot of its success, that’s obviously something important. Pietrus isn’t the greatest shooter or most athletic player, but he’s relatively consistent and that means something to the Hornets bench. Plus there’s something to be said of having the guy called “Air France” playing on your team. Gives the commentators something to talk about.

Those are just the guys we know are available. Out of those, I’d have to side with Dooling or Pietrus. Both those guys offer the most on the defensive side of the ball; the Hornets already have three guards under 6-5 (who just went 20-20 combined shooting), so a larger player like Pietrus would be useful. I’d just have to go for Dooling over Dixon, Juan has a few good games, but Dooling seems a more useful player and better defender.



3 Responses

  1. Interesting stuff. I heard some Pietrus to the Bucks rumors, but the bucks jsut seem to be in every rumor anyway. He’d make a good addition, but is he an upgrade over Butler? There’s a reason he can’t get into a rotation as loose as nelsons over in Golden state.

  2. nice article, but I’m not at all sold on Pietrus, he’s been really inconsistent lately; if he was good a mediocre team like the warriors would keep him.

    looks like the blog has a second writer?

  3. I’m not a huge fan of Pietrus. I think we need an upgrade at the backup PG or SG. I mentioned this over at hornets247, but I’d like to see us make a run at Ridnour, Watson or Delonte West in seattle, offering Bobby Jax(shorter contract than Ridnour or Watson), and/or Butler, and a pick. Seattle has enough PG’s, and needs cap room and picks right now. They also aren’t so high on Ridnour, who has proven he can play when he’s not in a terrible situation.

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