Hornets on the Internets

Wake Forest, Chris Paul’s alma mater, cracked the top 30 best ranked national schools in 2008; no wonder CP showed off his smarts earlier this season on this National Public Radio quiz show.

In case you missed ESPN’s national broadcast, Bobby Jackson was feeling it from deep against Miami. But that wasn’t the first time somebody’s been so hot with the long ball. Latrell Sprewell, of “I can’t feed my family with less than 21 million dollars” fame, once knocked down 9 straight triples. Then again, if the “Odds and Ends” section of this article is any indication, the guy may have quite a large family.

Speaking of prolonged string music without a clang, 82games.com noted that Peja held the record for most consecutive FT’s in a game (as of ’04). I’m pretty sure nobody’s matched that since, especially given Dwyane Wade’s propensity to brick them.

Keeping on the Chris Paul audio track, here’s an interview he did with Jim Rome on Thursday. Took me a while to find a free version to listen to, so hurry up and click it before it (possibly) gets taken down.

Lastly, the Times-Picayune reports the Hornets are receiving a practice facility upgrade. Forgetting the moving situation for a second, Coach Scott notes that the practice facility is something every NBA free agent looks at seriously before considering a team. “An NBA free agent looks at three key components in evaluating a potential team: the abilities of the players, the luxury of the team airplane and the franchise’s training facilities,” says the Picayune.


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