The Hive Five: Game Thirty-Six

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B-Jax picked the right game to break out, that’s for sure. Maybe after his tenure with the much publicized Kings of the early 00’s, Bobby just needed a little national attention to get his stroke going.


“What’s that, Coach? Still think I shoot too much?”

The biggest story was obviously Jackson (9-9 from the field, 7-7 from distance), but how about Hornets point guards combining to go 20-20 for 50 points, and 27 assists? Awesome performance. By the way, my bold prediction of the day: CP will hit both those numbers (50 and 27 dimes) at some point in his future Hall of Fame career. Not necessarily in the same game. But he’ll get both. Okay, back to the story. The bench was spectacular overall; yeah, we were playing Miami, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say anything positive about the bench. The three main negatives though: 1. Chris Paul with 5 turnovers. Yeah, some of them were off slight bumps that weren’t called, and two occurred in the final seconds of quarters. But 5 turnovers is 5 turnovers. 2. David West goes 5-12. He sort of recovered in the end, but his shot was definitely off early. I’m really not too worried about him though, he’ll rebound. 3. Mark Blount. 27 points. 13-16. I think I’ve said enough.























1. Shooting () We nearly shot 70% from the field! 70%! The NBA is definitely weird sometimes… coming off our worst shooting night of the season, we have far and away our best one. I’m sure Hornets fans everywhere are wondering, “where the !%$%$% were all those 3’s against the Lakers”? Also, the not so silver lining: if you take away Paul, Pargo, and Jackson, the rest of the Hornets went just 27-57. Just saying…

2. Turnovers () Good job taking care of the ball against a bad team; New Orleans gave Miami no way to get back into this game after taking over midway through the third. The last thing you want to do is give a bad team more opportunities to cash in their shots, and the Hornets did a great job denying that. CP3 did have 5 turns, but he gets a free pass given how well he’s taken care of the ball recently. The David West Turnover watch: just 2 on a night where he struggled from the floor. What does that mean? Even though he wasn’t on, he didn’t force things, and passed out of trouble. You have to appreciate that.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Eh, a lackluster effort to say the least. Mark Blount, Alexander Johnson, and Joel Anthony are not exactly forces to be reckoned with down under, and I was certainly expecting a stronger showing by New O in the OREB department. That said, the Hornets took care of business on the defensive end, and when you shoot 70%, that’s all that really matters.

4. Free Throws () Fantastic job on keeping Wade from getting to the line. The former Marquette star goes to the line 11 times a night, but the Hornets let him get there just twice. That said, I have to admit we were sort of lucky… a lot of our fouls on him were committed on the perimeter, and thus non-shooting. But you still need to credit the bigs for their effort.

5. Pace (87) Solid tempo-setting by the Hornets at home. Gerry V noted on his broadcast that “Miami’s a team that tries to lull you to sleep,” but really, they’re just not a very good team. Teams that don’t shoot well, or take care of the ball have a difficult time establishing their own pace. So I think this one was more a reflection of how much Miami sucks more than how dominant New Orleans was. It’s important to note that the Hornets haven’t necessarily done a good job establishing their average pace at home, and they’ve done a very, very good job of it on the road. By the way, as I haven’t mentioned this in a while, the Hornets’ average pace has now dipped a little bit below 89. Only San Antonio, and Detroit are slower.

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