The Hive Five: Game Thirty-Five

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I couldn’t watch this game and ended up having to make do with radio/GameCast but that’s probably a good thing.

Superstar Laker guard Jordan Farmar performs his patented quadruple front flip reverse slam, in front of a captivated Ryan Bowen.

It definitely seemed like New Orleans was feeding the ball to David West way too much early, considering how clogged the interior was. That’s one thing you have to tip your hat to LA for- instead of hugging the three point lines (after Peja shredded them last time), they took away penetration instead. It certainly worked out to their advantage. It also didn’t hurt them that New Orleans had its worst shooting night of the season. Yeah, it was that bad. Kobe had an excellent all-around game (19, 7, 7) but you still have to laud the defensive intensity of Morris Peterson. And what’s up with Tyson? He was frequently outbodied, and outmuscled by such low-post powers as Luke Walton and Trevor Ariza. Final note: what happened to CP being automatic at the line? I realize 6-8 at the stripe is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s not near the 90% clip he was at for the first 2 months and a half.






















1. Shooting (X) The Hornets best opponent eFG% (in a bad way) happened to coincide with their own worst eFG% of the year. I’m pretty sure this is their biggest loss of the year (ahead of the 28 point beating they took in Utah). But shooting 37.5% is not a way to get fans to come to your games.

2. Turnovers () CP and Co. took care of the ball, but who cares? Even if they had 0 turnovers in this one, LA still would have blown them out. It didn’t help that New O forced basically no turnovers against Kobe who’s been coughing it up recently.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Most of the offensive boards came after this game was already in the bag. Ariza (2 OREB’s early), Odom (2 OREB’s early), and Bynum (2 OREB’s early) absolutely dominated Chandler and Co. in the first stanza. That set the pace for the rest of the game. Have I mentioned that it didn’t help that LA shot 60.4% from the field?

4. Free Throws () The defensive effort was so poor, the Hornets could’ve gotten fouled double as many times and they’d have still been blown out.

5. Pace (89) New Orleans really owned the pace of this one, but they just didn’t knock down shots. Normally, I might be pretty bitter after a 29 point loss at home, but I’m not after this one. It’s simply because LA shot 60.4% from the floor- there’s no way they repeat that again no matter how poor New Orleans’ defense is. I imagine this is something like how Laker fans felt when Peja hit 10 3’s on them; “sure they knocked down those shots today, but they can’t possibly repeat it.” Peja didn’t repeat his 10 trifecta performance, and I sure hope L.A. can’t recreate this shooting night when they visit New Orleans next.

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5 Responses

  1. Hey chief, nice blog. Always good to see another Hornets fan spewing inane team-related thoughts on the internet.

    That said, last nights game was awful, but it was one of those games that just get away sometimes. I remember George Karl saying in an interview that every year there are 15 games that just can’t be won.

  2. Thanks, Ryan. I’ve never heard that Karl quote, but I can believe it. Once you realize how easy it is to come out with a flat effort on any given night, Chicago’s 72-10 season seems so much more impressive.


  4. Uh, Kobe doesn’t pass. Watch teh Lakers collapse this year again.

  5. @ Anonymous,

    I really don’t see the Lakes collapsing this year. Especially with the development of Bynum in the middle, they have something they haven’t had since the Shaq years. (Yeah, I said it, Chris Mihm sucks.)

    @ Kobe for MVP,

    Dude, it’s CP3 all the way this year.

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