Hornets on the Internets

Empty the Bench lists David West among the top 10 NBA players nobody’s heard of. Ryan Schwan of Hornets 247 notes that his opponents sure know who he is.

Even though it’s likely gonna be Seattle in Oklahoma City and not New Orleans, ESPN notes the Hornets’ franchise took a step Seattle hasn’t by negotiating an opt-out clause for their current lease. In that same article, George Shinn boldly states the Hornets are headed to the playoffs (okay fine, maybe it’s not that bold a claim any more). “We have a young team that is winning now and features dynamic leaders in Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler. We celebrated our first sellout of the season last week and expect even greater fan support at our upcoming games and into the playoffs.”

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski documents Byron Scott’s path from Laker guard to Hornets coach. From the article: “As much as I love the Lakers organization, I can see myself with these guys here until Chris (Paul), Tyson (Chandler) and David (West) are ready to retire,” Scott said. “I’d like to be the Jerry Sloan here, and have a run like he did with Stockton and Malone. I would love to be here and see these guys through winning a championship. For me, this has become a dream job.” Paul and Chandler the next Stockton and Malone? They’ve got the pick and roll part down, that’s for sure. And, honestly, would you rather have Byron Russell or David West?

By the way, that’s the second article Wojnarowski’s written about the Hornets in the last five days. If you missed the first one- which was also excellent- have a read.

Finally, this is totally Hornets unrelated, but Hey Larry Hughes, Please Stop Taking So Many Bad Shots is one of the funniest NBA blogs on the internets. And now that I think about it, it is sort of related to Bobby Jackson; this site may be in need of some re-naming.


3 Responses

  1. Hey man, great job on this site. Looks like you’ve been going a while but I’ve only just found you. Get in contact and I’ll get you linked up from hornets247.

  2. Thanks Ron, I just started up this season. Will do.

  3. Hahaha, that Cleveland site is hilarious. And those Hughes stats are just unbelievable. I mean, B-Jax has had his fair share of bad games, but I sure am glad we don’t have Larry Hughes. And to think I thought him a good player at one point…

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