Hornets On the Internets

Chris Paul has gotten a ton of love from all across the internets over the past few days, after the Deron Williams lovefest that was 2007. John Hollinger contends that CP3 has outplayed two-time MVP Steve Nash, and deserves a starting nod for the All-Star game. So too, contend Hollinger’s stats (specifically, PER).

Mark Stein took it a step further Monday, when he announced- via his ESPN Power Rankings– that the Hornets are the number one team in the Western Conference.

We all know Julian Wright has some crazy hops, but this is a dunk anyone would want to forget.

Okay, just to prove that he actually can dunk pretty well, here you go. Now, if only Byron Scott would put him in more.

Speaking of embarrassing, Chris Paul promised this offseason that Peja would not be able to live down this picture in the locker room. Thank god his long range stroke has thus far ignored the taunting.

Sam Smith addresses a question by a reader who speaks for the rest of the world in asking whether the Bulls would be better off with Tyson instead of Big Ben: “As much as you’d like to have Tyson Chandler now, assuming you were a Bulls fan, he would have been even more of a quivering wreck under Skiles last season and probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now.” Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling Sam’s just a little bit jealous?


4 Responses

  1. I remembe that Peja picture… it was for that russian magazine… god, i hope he doenst’ do that again.

  2. This is why Kansa s sucks. Go Mizzou!

  3. Check out the funniest Utah Jazz blog on the internet!


    Don’t worry, you’ll hear more from us as we get closer to the next D-Will vs. CP3 game. Late!

  4. ‘Nuff said.

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