The Hive Five: Game Thirty-Four

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And I thought the Warriors win was impressive. Chris Paul just elevated his game to a whole new level last night. Statistically speaking, he wasn’t terrific from the floor, but he pretty much willed the Hornets to the victory at the end.

The guy on the right is a 2-time MVP. The guy on the left was better.

CP3: 28 points, 10 dimes, 3 steals, 1 turnover. Nash: 23 points, 11 dimes, 0 steals, 4 turnovers. What else can you say? It looked early that Amare was going to get the better of TC in this one, but Tyson certainly held his own as the game wore on. In fact, I was stunned after watching the game to look at his line of 19 and 11. And Pargo was Fantastic off the bench with a capital “F.” Byron Scott made a surprise move by putting him in instead of Bowen or Armstrong, but Pargo was great offensively and played solid D on Steve Nash. One last thing: I don’t normally complain about refereeing, but tonight was just crazy. Multiple times, the Hornets were pummeled in the paint, and came away with nothing. On the other end, Amare would be nudged or nicked, and the Hornets would be whistled. I don’t mind lax or stringent foul calling; just make sure it’s consistent. Today was just ridiculous.






















1. Shooting () If you thought the GSW game featured hot shooting, try this one on for size. Barbosa was incredible early on; he’s got to have the best two hand push shot in history. Plus, he added a lot more to the team than I think Raja Bell could have at the 2. Mo-Pete made some huge shots, just like in the first Suns game. CP’s last (and only) three was the go-ahead bucket in this one.

2. Turnovers () The Hornets turned in one of their best ball control games in this one. CP lost it just once, while stealing it three times. And he came up with’s Steal of the Night on a careless pass by the two time MVP.

3. Offensive Rebounding () You knew going into the game that the Suns would try to lock onto Tyson Chandler on the glass, so it was great to see other Hornets step up on the boards (especially Hilton Armstrong who had 3 OREBs). Chandler himself pulled down 6 with Amare draped all over him throughout the game. Tyson not getting calls tonight was excruciating to see, but he fought through it well.

4. Free Throws () The Hornets get a green check for this category even though they didn’t get to the line much. See above for my opinion on the officiating in this one.

5. Pace (93) The Hornets went on the road to Oakland and Phoenix and held two of the highest octane offenses in the league to a 93.0 pace. Now that’s just impressive. Did I mention David West didn’t play? Mo-Pete, though, did his best to emulate the fallen power forward, taking the exact same fall David did in Oakland.

“Should’ve taken DW’s word for it.”

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4 Responses

  1. That Mo-Pete fall sure was scary… Do you know when David’s gonna be back?

  2. I hear he’ll be back for the Lakers game. Pargo filled in great for him tonight, but I we can’t expect him to keep doing it.

  3. I’m with you entersandman. DX is the x factor of this team, but this was still our best win of the season. On the road against pheoinx on a back to back after goldean state without west? Wooo

  4. Yeah, definitely. They fought back most impressively, I really felt like switching it off at halftime. I’m glad I didnt…

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