The Hive Five: Game Thirty-Three

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Yeah, this team is good. I thought this would come down to the wire, with Baron trying to make some clutch shot or other. Turns out I was dead wrong.


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Without a doubt, this was the Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler Show. As brilliant a coach as Don Nelson is, it’s still stunning to me that he couldn’t guard the high pick and roll at all, even though it was basically the only thing the Hornets were running. Even if you can’t cover the shooters, can’t you at least body the roller? Wicked is the only way Tyson’s last dunk can be described. And Tyson’s swagger off the court is absolutely hilarious. Scary moment with David West, of course, but it appears he’ll only miss one game (or says Byron Scott). Tyson more than made up for his absence though. 22 and 22? Those are scary numbers.























1. Shooting () Neither team could miss tonight. I can’t remember the last time the Hornets scored 39 in a quarter. Golden State challenged New Orleans early to play their style, and the Hornets were more than up to the task. Also, it was awesome watching Stephen Jackson chuck crazy threes at the hoop and miss; he’s like a tall version of Bobby Jackson that starts.

2. Turnovers () Both teams did a great job taking care of the ball even though Golden State was led by the turnover prone Baron Davis, while New Orleans was led by the very efficient Paul. The raw numbers: Paul- 2 turns, Baron- 3 turns.

3. Offensive Rebounding () You don’t get 22 rebounds without working a ton on the offensive glass, and that’s exactly what TC did tonight. He nearly topped the 10 OREB mark for the second time this season (and second in the last 7 games). As this season goes along, he’s looking more and more impressive.

4. Free Throws () Solid job getting to the line. Unfortunately, Pargo’s earlier clutch free throw problems returned in this one as well. He couldn’t hit two big ones before, and today was his shot at redemption. Will Byron Scott even let him get a third shot at taking clutch ones?

5. Pace (93) Golden State challenged New Orleans to play their brand of basketball, and I was quite surprised to see the Hornets oblige. What I wasn’t surprised about, though, was the fact that the Hornets were able to do it for a quarter- they have all the ingredients: great shooters, great finishers, and a great point guard with amazing vision. Why, then, don’t the Hornets always play at this pace? One main reason- it doesn’t allow them to utilize one of their greatest strengths: offensive rebounding. When a team runs up and down the court, it doesn’t allow time for the big men to settle underneath the basket. Byron Scott alertly had the Hornets slow up the pace as the game went into the second half, and that probably helped preserve the lead.

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2 Responses

  1. Ughhh, I had tix to this game, and there was this crazy storm in the bay. Thought they were gonna postpone tihs game.. : (

    And I was so lookign forward to meeting CP3 and the guys : [

  2. Yo dont worry about it, B-Diddy gonna school Paul next time. Y’all see that first post-up move he beat CP on? Yeah, we’ll run that play iso every time next time.

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