The former future of the New Orleans Hornets faces the real future of the New Orleans Hornets tonight in Oakland, CA. Yup, it’s the highly anticipated CP3-BD matchup for the first time this year. The last time these two face off, it got pretty heated. My hunch: there’s no way Baron guards Chris, and there’s no way Chris guards Baron. Possibly both of them go off for big nights, but this game will be decided by who else steps up around the two PG’s. By the way, Golden State hasn’t lost back to back games since the return of “Captain Jack,” who, might I add, is vastly overrated. What’s so appealing about a 40% shooter (30% threes)? It’s definitely true he creates tough matchup problems for most teams (just ask Mark Cuban), but an All-Star he is not. That being said, I’ll be stunned if Peja can guard him tonight (then again, I’d be stunned if Peja could guard Marcus Vincius).



PF D. West 19.4

SF S. Jackson 21.2

PG C. Paul 21.6

C A. Biedrins 10.8

SF P. Stojakovic 14.8

SG M. Ellis 16.5

C T. Chandler 12.1

PF B. Wright 2.7

SG M. Peterson 9.6

PG B. Davis 22.1

Preview | | Accuscore: Hornets 48/Dubs 52 | | Golden State of Mind | |


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