Alas, the string of mediocre teams ends on this last day of 2007. The Hornets will be faced with the harrowing prospect of playing barely above .500 Toronto. They’ll face off against a player with a ton of similarities to our own David West. Chris Bosh can hit the 18 footer with the best of ‘em, and still take it hard to the hole and finish. NBA.com only lists him as an inch taller than DW, but for some reason, he’s always seemed a lot taller to me. Also, the freakishly athletic Jamario Moon, of Globetrotter fame, will be on the floor and will cover whoever might get the hot hand. Thankfully, the person who can guard Chris Paul has yet to be found. Better luck in 2008, rest of the league! Oh, and here’s starters:



SF J. Moon 8.1

SF P. Stojakovic 14.8

PG J. Calderon 11.5

PF D. West 19.4

SG A. Parker 10.7

C T. Chandler 12.1

PF C. Bosh 20.4

PG C. Paul 21.6

PF A. Bargnani 9.7

SG M. Peterson 9.6

Preview | | Accuscore: Hornets 72/Raps 28 | | Toronto Raptors | |


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