The Hive Five: Game Thirty

If those were the Eastern Conference Champions, I can’t imagine how horrible the 8th place team must have been last year. The Hornets continue their torrid drive towards the new year, giving us a 17th victory against sub .500 teams as well as this awesome picture:


One flop to rule them all.
One flop to rule them all.

I couldn’t believe how mediocre Cleveland was, as the game progressed. Zydrunas looked like he was having his way in the middle, then Mike Brown inexplicably removed him. Lebron was being guarded by Peja of all people, and he inexplicably didn’t drive until it was too late. Larry Hughes took nine shots; that itself should be a crime. And of course, David West was just ridiculous, at one point 10-11 from the floor. He finished with 27 and 15, while Paul made a run at a quadruple double (well, sort of) with 20, 9, 7, and 6.























1. Shooting () Despite the best efforts of David West, the Hornets still shot under 47% for the second straight game. But most impressive was their defense of LeBron James, who finished a terrible 8-21. His teammates didn’t do much to help either; the aforementioned Hughes went 1-9 and top shooter Daniel Gibson went 4-10.

2. Turnovers () Lebron had another turnover prone experience, losing it 4 times. A lot of that seemed to be because of the constant double teams on him. Meanwhile, the Hornets did a great job with ball control again. The David West Turnover Watch: DW only lost it once tonight, despite handling it on what seemed like every possession. Great job avoiding offensive fouls tonight.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Cleveland does have one of the most underrated rebounding attacks in the league, and tonight it showed. Zydrunas at 7’5’’, Drew Gooden, and Anderson Varejao all provide plenty of body underneath missed baskets, so it’s truly impressive that West pulled down 15 boards today. Still, Cleveland easily outclassed New Orleans on the offensive glass tonight; in fact, every CLE starter had at least one.

4. Free Throws () Great job getting to the line today, but even more impressive was how few times Lebron got to the line (6). CP3 led the free throw charge, getting there 10 times.

5. Pace (83) Talk about dominant. New Orleans didn’t let Cleveland even sniff changing the tempo tonight. When Cleveland made that 8-0 run, David West immediately went to work on the low block until all was right again. To sum, it was an awesome night in New Orleans (first sell out of the season, actually), inspired by Lebron, but finished by CP3 and Co. A great quote for Morris Peterson: “LeBron, I know he gets sellouts everywhere he goes, so I tip my hat off to him for getting people here so they could see us. It’s like in recruiting. Some guys have game film and the coach is watching him, and then the coach sees another player and ends up recruiting the other player instead.”

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2 Responses

  1. Varejao’s a great flopper, but we all know who’s numero uno.

  2. Hahahah… as Chuck would say, “GINOBLI!!!!!”

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