The Hive Five: Game Twenty-Eight

Hahah, this is just too much fun. First Seattle, then Minnesota, now Memphis. The schedule makers gave New O quite a gift this holiday season, and the Hornets have welcomed it with open arms. CP3 burned Memphis again with 40/9/5 and Tyson Chandler pulled down 13 boards. Peja hit 5 triples in just his second game. Think this latest winning stretch has been easy? Well, it’s just getting started. The Hornets face off against Charlotte, Cleveland, Toronto, and the Clippers in their next four- all teams under .500.






















1. Shooting () New O topped the 60% mark for the first time since Game 2 this year, and despite the best efforts of Rudy Gay, the outcome was never in doubt. Peja returns to get his triple in form before a tough January schedule. And what else is there to be said about Chris Paul? He’s having perhaps the best month of his career.

2. Turnovers () The Hornets impeccable ball control continues on this bad team parade. CP3 had just 1 turnover to go with 9 dimes and 5 takeaways. However, the obligatory David West Turnover Watch has some bad news: DX turned it over 4 times. Yet again, teams are getting to him with the strong side help. New Orleans had better figure this problem out before mid January, or good teams will consistently take away their best inside threat.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Other than Tyson and David, the rest of the Hornets seemed to just take a night off on the glass. It worked because they just played one of the worst teams in the league, and past performance shows it won’t become a habit.

4. Free Throws (X) What do the Hornets have to do to get a call? They provided a steady dose of hard drives today and that got them almost nowhere. If they don’t get calls against Memphis, who will they get calls again?

5. Pace (91) Second straight game at 91… this winning streak has been characterized by great shooting, great ball control, and great pace-setting.

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