The Hive Five: Game Twenty-Seven

Well, that was easy. How exactly did the Hornets lose to Minnesota last time? CP3 put up his second consecutive 15 assist night, chipping in 5 steals for good measure. Peja did return as well, hitting a 3 in his first game back. And Mo-Pete wasn’t exactly on fire, but didn’t need to be with Pargo chipping in 12 off the bench.























1. Shooting () A virtual repeat of the Sonics game; the Northwest division is slowly getting acquainted with the Hornets’ shooters. Tonight, it was a balanced team effort a game after Mo-Pete shot Seattle out of the building.

2. Turnovers () The David West turnover watch: just 1 tonight, as he made the extra pass every time he sensed the double coming. That’s certainly an encouraging sign as the Hornets start to face stiffer competition. Chris Paul, as usual, was awesome. 15 assists… just 1 turnover. And after his one turnover (which came late in the fourth on a meaningless play), he looked mad as a hornet.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Minnesota had a great strategy to keep the Hornets off the O-glass- send at least 4 guys to the boards instead of breaking. So the Hornets didn’t pick up as many offensive boards as they’ve become used to against bad teams. But Tyson still picked up a ton of rebounds; his last three games: 14, 17, 19.

4. Free Throws () Looked like the Hornets made a concerted effort to get to the stripe tonight, after the starters shot just 3 FT’s against Seattle. Additionally, New Orleans did a great job not getting in foul trouble guarding the talented Al Jefferson.

5. Pace (91) Fans may have been lulled to sleep at points this game, but hey, whatever it takes to win. As long as Tyson gets his nightly alley-oop from CP, and the Hornets get the W,  I’m happy.

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  1. Yo, great Hornets blog entersandman. I’ll be tuning in. Go N’Awlins!!!

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