Man, I started off this three game stretch (@Denver, @Dallas, Phoenix) saying I’d be happy if the Hornets picked up a single win. It’s starting to look more and more unlikely, as the Hornets finish the stretch with the second game of a back to back against Phoenix. A lot of NBA players have been documented saying Phoenix is the absolute worst team to play on the second day of a back to back, and I wouldn’t disagree. But the Hornets are back at home today (hopefully with a large turnout for the high-octane Suns), and they do match up well at every position. Also of note: Phoenix is 0-6 when scoring under 100; yup, that’s all of their losses. (Yikes, that also means they’re 17-0 when topping 100). With that in mind, here’s what I’d do: pound it inside to David West (against Marion/Hill) as much as possible. And let’s not forget the awesome Steve Nash/Chris Paul matchup.



C A. Stoudemire 22.1

PF D. West 19.4

PF S. Marion 15.8

SF R. Butler 6.0

PG S. Nash 17.0

SG M. Peterson 9.6

SF G. Hill 15.8

C T. Chandler 12.1

SG R. Bell 10.8

PG C. Paul 21.6

Preview | | Accuscore: Hornets 31/Suns 61 | | Phoenix Suns | |


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