The Hive Five: Game Twenty

I was complaining about having to face teams like Memphis and Portland so often so early, but I probably shouldn’t have. Chris Paul absolutely ripped into the Memphis defense today (43 and 9, 5 triples). But even though we won again, isn’t it sort of unnerving that we’ve needed overtime twice to dispatch the Grizzlies?



Pace (Poss)







95.1 (105)













1. Shooting (X) Great shooting by the Hornets… but how in the world do you allow the Memphis Grizzlies an eFG% of 58.1?? That’s just unacceptable even when you’re facing a guy as talented as Rudy Gay or a sharpshooter like Mike Miller. In fact, Memphis was 39-63 on non-3 pt field goals.

2. Turnovers () New Orleans won the turnover differential in this one (unluckily, the points off turnovers differential was nonexistent). So, in other words, New Orleans forced the turnovers, but Memphis did a great job getting back on D.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Spectacular. CP may have made all the flashy plays, but Tyson Chandler did just as much (and he did have that one awesome dunk).

4. Free Throws () Haha, I’m just waiting for the free throw category to match up with a win or loss for once this season.  

5. Pace (95.1) This was an odd one. The Hornets did control the tempo, but instead of playing slowly as they have for most of the season, they really sped it up today. The flipside of that, of course, is that playing an overtime game with 105 possessions will take its toll on players’ bodies.

David West was again the Silent Assassin. 27 big ones, and even though he didn’t dominate OT like he did last time around, he made solid contributions all the way through. A closing thought though: what happened to Mo-Pete?

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