The Hive Five: Game Eighteen

Good riddance, Dallas/What a game! This was a thriller from start to finish, and the Peja three from the corner was just incredible. If you haven’t seen it yet, you have to see it. Just an absolutely incredible shot with a guy in his face. When this game was over, one thing was clear: the Hornets can compete with the best the Western Conference has to offer. We’ve now defeated Denver, Dallas, and the Lakers, with a loss to the Spurs. All in all, it’s a great start to the month of December, a month where we’ll get to face off with both Detroit and Phoenix.


Pace (Poss)







86.0 (95)












1. Shooting () Oh man, that one Peja shot makes up for everything else he may have missed this season. Watch it again. Oh, and CP3 had a career high 33, while falling a board short of a triple double.

2. Turnovers () Awesome job taking care of the ball. While his Dallas counterpart D. Harris gave it away 4 times, CP3 had just 2 turns in the overtime game.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Another solid offensive rebounding performance even with the tap happy Eric Dampier on the floor. David West and Tyson Chandler both picked up double doubles in this one, and the Hornets’ great effort on the glass was visible throughout the night.

4. Free Throws () Finally, the Hornets got to the line and finished in a big game; great job hitting the free throws down the stretch. Don’t look now, but CP3 is in the top 5 for FT% in the NBA.

5. Pace (86) This was New Orleans’ game in terms of pace. The tempo increased somewhat down the stretch and into OT, but the Hornets still managed to win their NBA record 10th straight overtime game.

This was most definitely the Hornets’ most all-around dominant effort of the season, great job on eFG% defense, great job getting to the line, excellent rebounding, and very few turnovers.

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