The Hive Five: Game Sixteen

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
MIN 96.0 107.3 57.3% 22.7 9.4 16.7

97.9 46.6 33.8 13.5 16.7

1. Shooting (X) Every season you come across a few of these. Everything dropped for Minnesota, and it was the opposite for New O other than the valiant effort by CP. The most discouraging thing about it was that the Hornets did a great job with Big Al Jefferson, but couldn’t stop anyone else.

2. Turnovers (X) When an opponent is shooting well, an aggressive, turnover forcing defense is probably the best remedy. New Orleans couldn’t do that either tonight, while the starters gave it away 12 times themselves.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Despite one of their strongest defensive rebounding showings of the year, the Hornets just couldn’t pull down many offensive boards tonight. The stat that sums up how pathetic New Orleans was on the O-Glass tonight: Backup, 6′-4″ shooting guard Greg Buckner pulled down 9 (!) rebounds in 29 minutes tonight.

4. Free Throws () CP3 and B-Jax led a strong effort in getting to the line tonight, as the two combined to go 14-16. Free throws have hardly seemed to correlate to the Hornets’ winning percentage this year, and today was just more evidence of this.

5. Pace (96) Minnesota’s pace throughout. Jaric (and especially Telfair) pushed to a tempo New Orleans should not have played at (let alone the fact we were at home). The game was too fast, we shot awfully, turned it over, didn’t rebound our misses, and allowed the Wolves to shoot plus 40% from beyond. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing San Antonio or a team that’s lost 5 straight; it’ll be a loss every time.

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