The Hive Five: Game Thirteen

The Hornets simply looked slow out there tonight, getting outplayed consistently. Even the return of Chris Paul wasn’t enough to offset the loss of Tyson Chandler. A look at the five factors:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
IND 91.0
51.1% 15.7 26.1 7.7
43.7 19.5 22.0 9.9

1. Shooting (X) The cold shooting continued tonight in New Orleans with Mo-Pete and Stojakovic struggling to knock down even open looks. For the second straight night, a Hornets’ opponent topped the 50 eFG% mark, as Indiana was led by Troy Murphy’s 23.

2. Turnovers () Both sides took care of the ball really well, and the turnover factor hardly figured in the final score at all.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) The offensive rebounding took an understandable hit in this game with TC sitting out. Ryan Bowen led New Orleans with 3 O-boards off the bench, and defensive rebounding did a mediocre job as well.

4. Free Throws () Finally, the Hornets did a good job getting to the foul line; unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to offset the significant difference in eFG% for the two teams.

5. Pace (91) Another relatively slow game. In some ways, it benefited the shorthanded Hornets, but it also allowed Indiana rebounders to get set on offense (most noticeably Jeff Foster, who pulled down four offensive rebounds).

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