The Hive Five: Game Ten

Wow. What a game. That three point stuff by Memphis was just incredible at the end, and thank god for David West. Looks like the guy hasn’t run out of clutch jumpers. And who the hell is Navarro?

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
NOR 92.4
54.9% 20.7 32.6 16.7
58.8 12.1 17.1 12.7

1. Shooting (X) New Orleans shot an excellent 55 eFG%… and still got outshot by nearly 4%. Not every night you see that happen. For once, the Hornets’ D broke down, and almost with disastrous results. Memo to the rest of the NBA: JC Navarro can light it up. 8-9 from beyond? Wow.

2. Turnovers (X) The Hornets did an average job of holding on to the ball, but the Grizzlies just did an outstanding one.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Offensive Rebounding. Offensive Rebounding. The reason New Orleans won this game. Say all you want about D-West scoring 40 and making clutch buckets, but without Tyson Chandler, this is a pathetic loss to a low tier team.

4. Free Throws () Great job getting to the line again. Chris Paul and David West led the way, getting there 15 times, and knocking down 13 of their tries.

5. Pace (92) The pace of this game was somewhat skewed by the frenzied pace toward the end, but overall, Memphis did a great job not succumbing to the tempo the Hornets wanted.

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