The Hive Five: Game Nine

New Orleans ate Philly like a cheesesteak for the second time in three games tonight. The defense continues to be punishing, to the tune of second in the Western Conference. Do the five factors confirm?

  Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
PHI 87.0
42.7% 16.0 33.3 24.1
55.5 19.2 27.5 18.4

1. Shooting () Literally a repeat of the first Philly game; Nawlins shot good, the Sixers not so much.
2. Turnovers (X) The turnovers have been flying free for the Hornets these past three games, following three stellar ball control games. Luckily, the Sixers Willie Green lost the ball seven times all by himself. But back to back 5 TO games by CP3? You won’t see that very often.

3. Offensive Rebounding () Finally, the OREB’s picked up again with Tyson and David picking up the slack at last. The only problem: Philly’s starting five picked up 8 OREB’s by themselves with another 4 from the bench. So the offensive rebounding returned, only to see the defensive rebounding vanish.

4. Free Throws () Finally, the Hornets got to the line a good deal- the only problem is that they didn’t make very many of their shots. 14-22? Come on, Shaq Diesel can do better than that.

5. Pace (87) The Hornets are (surprisingly?) establishing themselves among the slowest teams in the league. Who knew that of all the teams, it would be New Orleans to join Detroit and SA in the “slow, boring, and frighteningly good defensively” category?

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