The Hive Five: Game Seven

New Orleans got back to its winning ways with a whipping of the Sixers. Most impressive about this win was the 72 points allowed; offensively, New Orleans had a balanced attack, getting 12 off the bench from Bobby Jackson. What the five factors tell us led to the win:

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
SAC 87.0
53.8% 11.5 26.8 19.5
41.9 13.5 26.2 20.7

1. Shooting () Now that they’re no longer playing championship caliber teams, the Hornets defense gets a chance to shine again. And shine they did tonight, forcing Philly into 41.9 eFG% and holding Andre Iguodala to just 17. Paul and West had 16 apiece as the offensive touch returned again.

2. Turnovers (X) After 3 excellent games, the Hornets were due for a bad one, turnover wise. And luckily it happened tonight against a bad team, while New Orleans was shooting an excellent percent. Also, it was great to see the Hornets force a high turnover rate than they had themselves. Turnover problems certainly existed tonight, but great shooting was able to negate them tonight.

3. Offensive Rebounding (X) Another big red flag- the low OREB numbers against the Spurs were an aberration, but low OREB numbers against the Sixers? Inexcusable. Not only did the Hornets struggle on the offensive glass, but they allowed Philadelphia to snatch a few more offensive boards than they should have had. Chandler, West, Bowen, and Armstrong should get a deserved earful.

4. Free Throws (X) The Hornets continue struggling to get to the charity stripe… this fourth factor is the one they’ve been most inconsistent with this season. At least Philly didn’t get to the line with much more success.

5. Pace (87) A game after San Antonio hammered the Hornets at an 86 pace, New Orleans laid down the law with a slow 87 on the road. Establishing tempo on the road can often be difficult for a young team; the fact that the Hornets did it so effectively tonight only says good things for their future road games.

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