The Hive Five: Game 1

The Hornets got ’07-’08 off to a superb start today, ripping the Kings 104-90. Here’s a look at why the game went the way it did, making use of the five factors.

Pace Eff eFG FT/FG OREB% TOr
SAC 93.0 96.8 46.3% 18.5 19.5 16.1
NOR 111.8 57.1 20.8 29.7 21.5

1. Shooting (√) With an eFG% of 57.1, the Hornets pretty much shot the lights out today, while doing an outstanding job on the defensive end. David West shot a rather subpar 7-16 from the floor, but with Peja and MoPete going 7-12 from long range, the Hornets set the table for what should be a fantastic year for the 3-ball.

2. Turnovers (X) All in all, it was a very turnover prone game for the Hornets; 19 TO’s in a 93 possession game is pretty much unacceptable, and Byron Scott will probably let the guys know it in practice. This game could’ve been even more of a blowout if the Hornets had limited their TO’s.

3. Offensive Rebounding (√) The Hornets started off the OREB% stat just as we would’ve wanted; a very solid 29.7% was built by Chandler’s 5 OREB’s. Armstrong and Ely contributed a combined 5 off the bench as well. Sac-town’s awful 19% figure was caused by terrific defensive rebounding by the Hornets.

4. Free Throws (X) Getting to the line was something the Hornets struggled to do last year, and this wasn’t a great start. Granted, the refs were allowing a lot of contact, but the Hornets need to look to get fouled more often. On the plus-side, Sacramento posted a mere 18.5% figure, after leading the league last year, so the Hornets need to be happy about that.

5. Pace (93) Although 93 is a pace more skewed to the league average than anything else, it’s also almost identical to the Kings pace last year. Good or bad? We’ll need to watch the Hornets play more this year to find out.

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