Three Years Later, Mo-Pete’s Aboard

Having failed to get Morris Peterson away from the Toronto Raptors before the ’04-’05 campaign, the Hornets signed the swingman to a four year deal today. According to reports, the deal should be worth 23 million dollars over the course of the contract.

What does this mean? Well, with VC back to the Nets,  and Rashard Lewis signing with the Magic about two weeks ago, Mo-Pete was probably among the best options left. He’ll bring some stability to the 2-guard spot, something unseen for the Hornets since the prime of David Wesley (a decidedly short off-guard.) Additionally, Mo-Pete and Peja should team up to be a deadly three-point threat on a nightly basis. In terms of Coach Scott’s strategy, three point attempts will probably go up, especially given the departure of the range-challenged Desmond Mason.

As of now, the starting five looks set- CP3, Mo-Pete, Peja, DW, and TC.

And now, the obligatory mug-shot:



2 Responses

  1. I would’ve loved Carter… but hey I’ll take MP3. BTW, since CP has #3 whats Pete gonna wear?

  2. No idea.

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