Free Agents

The ’06-’07 season saw the Hornets make great strides forward; Tyson Chandler emerged as a dominant center, David West solidified his spot as one of the great young talents in the league, and CP3 provided a solid (if not up to rookie-year par) year. Nonetheless, it was a season marred by injuries; without the big 3 missing substantial time, this was definitely a playoff team.

Even so, the Hornets should look to make a splash this offseason in terms of acquisitions. The core 3 (and Peja returning from injury) are in place; the shooting guard position and the bench look to be the biggest question marks.

The two biggest free agents would of course be Vince Carter (NJN) and Rashard Lewis (SEA). There’s some question as to whether VC would want to opt out of his New Jersey deal, but there are some indications he may. Lewis, on the other hand is a lock to bolt the Rainy City.

rashard-lewis-1.jpg vince-carter-1.jpg

Could the Hornets land either to be the 2-guard in ’07-’08? We’ll see. But it’s still more than likely at this point, given their conservative spending history, that New Orleans will opt to chase a more reasonably priced option (in the Desmond Mason range).


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