1st Round Playoffs: Los Angeles vs. Phoenix

Welcome to the first post of my series prediction picks. Here, I’ll break down each of the matchups we see in the First Round of the NBA Playoffs for just the Western Conference. The Hornets aren’t in, so I’ll be rooting for Dallas.

Los Angeles Lakers v. Phoenix Suns

Last year, the Lakers got off to a great start against Phoenix, winning Games 2, 3, and 4 to take a 3-1 advantage. Eventually they fell, but it was definitely a stunner to many experts. Will we see something similar this year? Absolutely not. With the addition of A. Stoudemire to the team, the Suns have an awesome inside-outside game. The impressive shooting we’ve seen all year is only enhanced by the addition of an inside weapon. The Lakers do not have the speed to chase the Suns around the three-point arc, and A. Bynum isn’t mature enough at this stage to significantly hamper the inside attack. Though I completely disagree with those that call for Nash as MVP, his play from point guard will help to pick apart a Lakers team that has one (yes, one) victory against a +.500 team over the last 37 games. Even if K. Bryant goes off, I can only see the Lakers winning a single game at the Staples Center (barely).



2 Responses

  1. Lakers have been getting rolled over by the Suns. Kobe needs help on that court. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lakers ended up getting swept.

  2. Same. As Charles Barkley said, the Lakers basically need to play perfect basketball to even have a chance. I like Andrew Bynum a lot though; he’s a few years away from being, I think, an All-Star.

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